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Gamers are returning the PS3 for Xbox 360

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Sony's Playstaion Network (PSN) is attacked few weeks back ago and hackers got accessed lots of user's username and passwords, it hurts the sony alot and the customers too. Edge talked with various UK retails, they say 'customers are growing impatient with the inability to play games online, which

Anonymous continues Sony attack – They Coming to stores near you

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We know Sony Playstation site was attacked by Anonymous Hacker group last week, the hacker group Anonymous has now decided to go next step against Sony in a different way, by staging 24 hour in-store protests at numerous Sony stores around the globe. The group started a campaign against

Anonymous attacks Sony PlayStation website – Sony is on Fire Now

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The hacker group Anonymous has targeting Sony's online Playstation store by DDoS attack temporarily took down yesterday, after an hour it was back again. The Hacker group Anonymous now taking revenge because of its lawsuit against PS3 jailbreakers George Hotz, also known as GeoHot, and Graf Chokolo.

Massive quake halts Japanese technology

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A massive earthquake and tsunamis attacked Japan two days before (11th March 2011). Many of them Died and many properties are destroyed to the most. The 8.9-magnitude earth quake hit 230 miles east of Tokyo. It causes Tsunamis to 33 feet tall. We know Japan have largest and greatest