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Sony Took A Headshot on Microsoft with Next Gen Console PS4

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In E3 Microsoft and Sony launched its Next-Gen Consoles. Already we know that Xbox One just looks like the Old DVR player type. Most people don't really like the design. May be Microsoft will release its Xbox One next version in sleek, just like X shaped Xbox 360 but

Blackberry Z10 VS Sony Xperia Z – The Gadget Guide

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We bring to you an interesting battle between flagship phones from Blackberry and Sony. Both of these manufacturers are putting big bets behind them. Z10 is only hope for Blackberry to get back into smartphone game, which it itself started with its QWERTY phones. On the other hand, since

Sony PlayStation Vita coming in this year end

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Sony PSP Vita (not conformed name), codenamed Next Generation Portable (NGP) is the next generation PlayStation Portable is backward compatibility with PSP games. Official name of the NGP may be comes like PS Vita because Users spotted wording and details buried in the HTML source code in Sony's Official

Sony Pictures Hacked – Sony Hacking Series

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Sony Hacked again! Already we know Sony PlayStation Network (PSN) hacked few weeks before and hackers gained access to millions of usernames, passwords and personal informations. Still PSN not restored fully before that another Hacking in Sony Hacking Series. Yes we can call this as SONY HACKING SERIES.

Sony gives hint about PlayStation 4

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Now its a Gaming world; Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo released gaming consoles worldwide. In 2005 Microsoft launched Xbox 360 console but on 2006 Sony launched Playstation 3 and Nintendo launched their Wii Consoles. Nintendo plans to release a new game console in 2010 and more details are out in web.