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Tips for Using the Poly Studio X50

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With the ongoing global pandemic, businesses are looking for ways to stay productive while complying with physical and social distancing protocols required by the government. Many companies ask their employees to work remotely and meet clients through video conferencing. While the technology needed for this situation is nothing new,

Oppo F7 smartphone to launch in India

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Oppo has confirmed the launch of its Next ‘F’ series phone of the upcoming successor to the Oppo F5 – the F7 with the notch on the top like iPhone X and It will be launched in India Oppo F7 will come with the 6.2-inch full-HD display around 89%

How to Choose a Gaming Monitor: 5 Things to Keep In Mind

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When creating or buying your dream gaming attire, the monitor might not always be on the highest on the list of priorities. But the monitor is one of the most vital components of any gaming PC, and an excellent display can enhance your gaming experience. Just like any other

Asus ZenFone 3s Max Review

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It seems like Asus is on a roll in the Zenfone 3 series. The Taiwanese company has launched a successor to the almost 5 months old Asus Zenfone 3 Max. The successor has been named as Asus Zenfone 3s Max (ZC521TL). Comparing to its predecessor, the ZenFone 3s Max

Vivo V5 Review – For Selfie Lovers

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In the war between smartphone companies, they look at the consumers in a different aspect to woo them. You can ask how? if you notice it carefully you can find it. While the smartphone manufacturers like LeEco and Lenovo are focusing on the hardware and specification; Companies like Oppo,