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Microsoft Surface Studio Specs, Features & Price

Microsoft has finally revealed a new member of a Surface family with a name “Surface Studio“. All-in-one Windows 10 PC, the Surface Studio has numerous features and best design-build to make creative artwork in a much easier way.  Surface Studio will be the best device ever made targeting the creative

How Windows Operating System’s Success Level Is Higher Over Others?

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One cannot but deny the fact that computer technology has moulded our life completely in the present world. As far as judicious use of this technology is concerned, it depends on individual choice. Commonly used Operating System that most prefer to use is a Windows based system. This Operating

Are Macs Really More Virus Proof Than PCs?

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If you are considering the purchase of a Mac computer, then you may have heard about a common selling point for these machines: Macs are significantly more virus-proof than PCs. Whilst it’s true that 16 million PC households experienced issues with serious viruses as of 2012 (a problem that

Top 5 Alternatives to Microsoft Word

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For years, the “be-all” and the “end-all” of word processing has been Microsoft Word.  And, certainly, the great tools imbedded within this software, and all of its regularly-improved versions, have allowed it to dominate the word processing world for years.  What many don’t realize, however, is that there are

How To Hide Your Identity From Truecaller App

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Truecaller is one of the widely used smartphone app for identifying the unknown callers. It is used by million of people just to get rid of the mystery beyond the unknown numbers. It doesn't depend on any mobile service operators to identify the numbers. Truecaller upload your contact list