Xnspy Review: A trending Apple monitoring app in 2017

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Knowledge is power. Too much knowledge can be used to exploit someone. But on the other hand, it can be used to expose someone’s secrets that can affect directly your personal interests. Today, spying has uses beyond intelligence and military agencies.

Monitoring apps have dominated the digital spectrum for a long time now. With the innovation of augmented reality, this long-standing human imagination has come true. You do not need disguises or hi-tech gadgets to spy on someone. A mere monitoring software installed in the target’s phone can do a commendable job at spying.

Most of the times, spying is for a genuine cause; by concerned parents, protective spouses, or zealous bosses. Since people are hooked to their phones day and night, it is the ideal piece of technology to extract someone’s personal information. Apple devices such as iPads, iPhones, may be known for their sophistication but they often have scrambled loopholes that allow hackers to hack information from them. A powerful Apple monitoring app can easily transfer all the target information to the potential user.

Below is a detailed review of xnspy for all those who want to maintain their work-life balance. Read further to enlighten yourself.


Overview – First glance

Xnspy is a monitoring software designed to conduct thorough spying for all those who want to stay updated with their business and family activities. By dint of this app, you can ensure covert spying, without letting your target know he’s being spied on. It operates invisible, as it runs quietly in the background.

The app is remarkable efficient when it comes to remote and permission-less spying. It sticks to monitoring undetectably, without any interference. You can view the entire activity of your target on online console offered by xnspy. This online console is a web-based control panel that provides a life feed of all the recent updates taking place in the target iPhone. Moreover, with its powerful yet intuitive user interface, xnspy is best used by less savvy people. The customized set of features and a bright display makes the app attractive for potential users.


Installation and compatibility

Rather than being installed in a malicious way, xnspy is a spy app that is commercially available. It is a cinch to install, given its small size. Unlike other spy apps, there are no lengthy procedures or configuration codes required to set up the software. The app is user-friendly to install and it takes about 3-5minutes to get it running.

Getting started with the app, the first step is to purchase an online subscription of the app. But before that, you must make sure that the app works best with all operating software. Xnspy is a trending iOS monitoring app that is device friendly. Whether your target iPad or iPhone is Jailbreak or Non-Jailbreak, the app works wonders in all cases.

Remote installation is a rare phenomenon in the monitoring spectrum that is only available in Non-jailbreak Apple devices. Only iCloud login credentials are required for the app to begin spying. No need for physical installation and downloading. This is a preferable mode for less savvy people. However, if the target device is Jailbroken, one-time physical installation of xnspy is mandatory.

Note: The set of features offered in both the cases differ. There are limited number of features available in Non-Jailbreak program.


Pricing details:

Most of the times, the pricing of a product has a significant impact on its rating. In case of xnspy, its affordable pricing is one of the reasons of its considerable popularity among the plethora of spy apps. it offers two subscription packages: Basic and Premium. Both these packages differ in features offered. There are three modes of payment; monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Based on your requirements and needs you can make an informed purchase decision.

Apart from its positive reviews and ratings, xnspy lacks in offering a free trial to its customers. The feeling is exacerbated because of its stringent refund policies, as no refunds are offered after 10 days of purchase. No kidding, guys!

Main features of xnspy

This Apple monitoring app offers some great features that assist the users in all aspects of monitoring. These features can be accessible on the online dashboard at anytime. Take a look at these state-of-the-art features, discussed briefly.

  • Monitoring call logs

A complete record of all the incoming/outgoing and missed calls is available for the users. It depicts the frequency of calls made and attended along with other detailed information including the name of caller, their contact number, duration of call, and date and time stamp. Contact list of the target can also be seen.

  • Reading texts and chats

You can read all the text messages and chats whether they are old, deleted, or encrypted. You can read the message content as well as the detailed information offered in call log monitoring. Some encrypted messages like iMessages or WhatsApp, Skype, etc. are hard to decrypt. Xnspy makes sure you monitor all the message correspondence of the target device.

  • GPS tracking

Since you’re familiar with location-based services, this feature is not a new concept in mobile technology. Xnspy offers real-time monitoring of the target location and provides the exact address of the target at a specific time. Also geo-fencing can create a virtual barricade on the target activities.

  • Remote commands

You can sit back and make remote commands to the control panel which will carry out your commandments to lock the target device, wipe data, block certain apps, and take live screenshots of the target device.

What makes the app so likable?

There are certain add-ons in xnspy that make it a unique and distinctive app. we’ve tested the app and the features discussed below have taken the monitoring world by storm.

  • Call and surrounding recording

A fairly new concept in the monitoring arena, it is being offered by xnspy. You can now record and listen to the phonic conversations between your target and their contacts. Also, you can listen to the in-room conversations taking place behind your target through surrounding recording.

  • Watch-list alerts

You can be instantly notified if some unauthorized person calls your target, or illicit conversation is taking place in messages, or your target is planning to go on a forbidden location. Go to the settings in the control panel to get informed immediately.

  • Geo-tags

The icon is similar to the Google balloon map and depicts the exact location of the message sender/receiver when a particular message was sent/received.

The Verdict!

In the current techno-digital era, it is impossible to stay a technology recluse. To safeguard your personal interests and those of your loved ones, you can use a monitoring software to help you in this. Xnspy offers a good value for money with endless possibilities and uses in spying. With its extensive range of features, budgeted pricing, and improved customer satisfaction, it offers a worthwhile experience and a better proposition in spying that no other app has yet to offer.

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