Massive quake halts Japanese technology

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A massive earthquake and tsunamis attacked Japan two days before (11th March 2011). Many of them Died and many properties are destroyed to the most. The 8.9-magnitude earth quake hit 230 miles east of Tokyo. It causes Tsunamis to 33 feet tall. We know Japan have largest and greatest IT companies and Automobile Companies. Every invention is done by Japanese. Its all halts today. The amount of damage is still unknown, many firms have reported their initial losses only.

Panasonic EV Energy manufacturing plant in Sendai is believed to be affected by the Disaster . Several employees at Panasonic’s three factories in Miyagi and Fukushimi have sustained minor injuries, according to a company. Sony Blu-ray discs and magnetic tapes manufacturing company was flooded and it evacuated other six factories in the Tohoku region of northeastern Japan. Sanyo, Sharp, Toshiba and many other companies have started to change the locations and recover damaged assessments. Samsung and Canon says the disaster wont affect of production. This leads Sony to fall 2.36% on the New York Stock Exchange. Even Google launches Person finder to help Japanese earthquake victims.

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Article by Japanese Citizen.

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