How to Speed Up your Mac for Free in 2022

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We maintain our Mac like new ones but the speed decreases with time. The increasing data and load in your Mac can result in a declining graph of speed. To prevent it from declining you need to follow some steps which can help you in speeding up the system.

In this article, we will share some best tips using which you can speed up your Mac for free. Keep reading to know more about them.

Best 7 Tips to Speed up your Mac for Fee in 2022

1.   Remove unused programs

The amount of data you have stored in your Mac can be the reason for the decline in speed. To speed up your Mac you need to clean the programs which you don’t use. There will be many programs which you don’t but you have kept. These programs increase the load on the system and make it process slow.

For the programs which are installed in the system, you need to uninstall them and then delete them from the system. If you drag and drop those apps in the trash will delete some files but will leave most of its supporting files in the system which can take up a lot of space. For more information, you can take a look at the guide for step-by-step uninstallation.

2.   Restrict startup programs

The apps and programs which start along with the system can also increase the load on the system and result in slowing down the speed. Most of you might not know, but you can easily restrict the apps. You can select the apps which you want to keep during the startup and can remove the rest of the apps.

To remove programs from a startup you can go to system preferences. Next click on the users & groups options. After the menu opens click on the name of the users and then select or deselect the application which you want to remove or keep at the startup.  Keep the programs that are necessary as they can affect the speed.

3.   Manage Visual effects

Visual effects look pretty good but then you can not comprise the speed for them. In order to maintain the good speed of your Mac, you need to look for all the things which take up memory. Visual effects can be turned customized to enhance the speed easily. Follow the steps below to manage visual effects.

  • Open the ‘Dock’ option in the system preferences menu.
  • Untick the boxes we mention
  • Animate opening applications
  •  Automatically hide and show the dock

Other than this you can also change the Genie effect to scale effect in the minimize window option. These two basic visual changes can help you in improving the speed.

4.   Clean desktop

We all like to keep the shortcuts and files on the desktop for ease, but the files and shortcuts on the desktop can take up RAm space and make your system slow. If you are still confused about how you can access the data without any hustle? You can keep your data stored on different disks with specific name folders that can also help you in finding your files easily.

The folders can be accessed easily by searching or by manually opening them from a disk. Now that you know the alternative, keep only the applications shortcut which you use the most and remove all the other programs.

5.   Delete cache

The cache is used to speed up the process but over time they start to clutter up and take up space in the system which can result in the speed slowing down. You need to keep a check on files that keep on adding. If you timely remove the files from the system it won’t affect the processing.

Timely removing sounds very tiring, right? But there are a lot of software in the market which you can use to remove files and make your system work fast. You can search for the best free Mac optimizer and cleaner software and choose the software which you like from the list.

6.   Clean hard drive

The more you will store data in the system the less efficiently it will work. You can remove the app and cache from the system to make space. Some of you might still face the problem of storage space, then you can use an external hard drive to store data. There are many hard disks available in the market with various capacities. You can choose the one according to your usage.

If you keep your data stored in external storage, it won’t affect the speed of your Mac anymore as it does not increase the load on the system. You can connect and access your data whenever you want.

7.   Upgrade Mac OS

If you are facing issues with the speed of the system then it can be due to outdated OS in your Mac. you can simply update your OS and observe the increase in the speed. To update the OS you need to click on Apple’s logo on the top right corner, after that click on the ‘About this Mac’ option and check the OS. Make sure that your Mac is running on the latest OS, if not then update the OS.

Speed Up Your Mac Using these 7 Tips

The most common problem faced by most of the mac users is solved. You can try these steps to enhance the performance of your Mac and bring back life to your old and slow Mac. out of the list of tips the hard drive will cost you some amount of money other than that you can use the remaining tips for free.

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