macOS 12: Features we know (and want)

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Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) for the year 2021 is a wrap and the event proved to be an exciting time for macOS users. In the event, Apple unveiled its new OS for MacBooks and Macs, macOS Monterey. Compared to macOS Big Sur, macOS 12 or Monterey is a smaller update. Going by previous macOS releases, the final version should be available for Mac users by September 2021. But, the company has also decided to roll out beta versions of Monterey so that people can test the OS before it is launched officially. The rolling out of the early beta versions is expected to happen any time in June. 

If you don’t want to hold on until the final version is launched and know how to factory reset MacBook Pro, you can go ahead and become one of the early testers of this update.

macOS Monterey Features 

The features that you can expect from macOS 12 have been revealed by Apple and the company has also said during their annual WWDC event that they want users to get more work done, connect and work more fluidly across all Apple devices with this update.

  • Universal Control

This feature will allow you to switch between Mac and your iPad using a single keyboard and mouse. You can use a trackpad on your Mac and seamlessly slide it over to your iPad. Also, you can drag and drop files between Macs, iPads, and more. No setup is required. Just place your devices next to each other and move the cursor between them. 

  • AirPlay

With macOS 12, you can use AirPlay on your Mac and use your device as video output or speaker. 

  • Spatial audio support for FaceTime

Now that video calls have become more important than ever, it is great to see that Apple is adding spatial audio support for FaceTime with its new OS update. With this feature, voices will sound like where the person is positioned on the screen. 

That’s not all. There’s also a Voice Isolation feature that would make use of machine learning to get rid of all background noise so that voices are clearer. Also, there’s the Wide Spectrum feature which does the opposite of the Voice Isolation feature. It helps to boost all ambient sounds and this is useful in circumstances where one needs to hear the environmental sounds where people are positioned. 

Macs and MacBooks using the M1 chip will even be able to blur the backgrounds of users thanks to the Neural Engine. Last, but not least, anyone can be invited to join a FaceTime call including Android and Windows users. Everyone will benefit from end-to-end encryption. 

  • Shortcuts 

For automating everyday tasks, Shortcuts are coming to Mac. You can either use ready-made ones or you can set your own. You can trigger these without using hands but via Siri. Automator Workflows can be imported using Shortcuts. 

  • Notes 

For easier collaboration and organization, the Notes app has been upgraded. You can write notes from any app using the Quick Note feature or you can add links from Maps or Safari. Moreover, multiple people can work on notes simultaneously and can add their comments. 

  • Safari 

For Monterey, Apple has redesigned Safari. You can expect to find the tabs much more compact than before and you can use tab groups. The toolbar is also refined. If you browse with a lot of tabs opened at once, this update will be particularly useful for you. You can even name the tab groups and access them across your Apple devices. 

To find certain websites, you can make use of the search box and the Tabs bar will be changing color depending on the website that you’re on.

  • Focus 

A ‘Focus’ feature has been added and this new feature seems like it’ll work as a ‘do not disturb’ setting. Based on your present activity, the notifications will be filtered out. Also, if you don’t want to be disturbed, you can set a status and let others know. The best part is that if you set up Focus on your Mac, it will be mirrored across your Apple devices. 

While Monterey isn’t a big update as Big Sur, macOS 12 seems to be aiming at fixing all the bugs and refining the OS for an enjoyable user experience. 

macOS 12: Features users want to see 

  • Time Machine iCloud backups – To prepare for the worst, having an offsite backup is a good practice. So, Mac users are hoping that Time Machine would work together with iCloud backups so that they can set it up and forget about it.
  • More customization options in the Control Center – While the Control Center helps in intuitively cleaning up the cluttered menu, it lacks customization options. 7 of the buttons are permanent and cannot be removed even if they’re deemed unimportant.
  • Siri improvements – Siri updates typically don’t make a lot of noise whenever Apple comes up with an update. Mac users are hoping that Siri will also get a major update with macOS 12.

You have to wait for the final version of macOS 12 to know which updates make it to the final launch and if new features are added. Start using the beta version to stay ahead of the curve. 

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