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Space Invaders in Real Life – Fun Hell

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While i was browsing i found a cool video, that we know the Space Invaders Game. Think when it come to real life? check this video :)

Even your cat can play iPad Games

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When first generation of iPad was released, it said to be even your kids can use it without trouble but now Next generation iPad was released on March 11th 2011. Purina Company created Friskies brand games that can be played by your cats. These games uses HTML 5 to

Microsoft offers free Xbox 360 to students

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Microsoft offers free Xbox 360 gaming console to students who buy Windows 7 PC for $699 or above. This offer will be available in the United States from May 22, 2011 to September 3, 2011 or stock last. Microsoft noted this offer will soon available in France and

Gamers are returning the PS3 for Xbox 360

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Sony's Playstaion Network (PSN) is attacked few weeks back ago and hackers got accessed lots of user's username and passwords, it hurts the sony alot and the customers too. Edge talked with various UK retails, they say 'customers are growing impatient with the inability to play games online, which

Unlock All Levels of Angry Birds in Chrome

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Tech 2 Hell already published about, Rovio had announced a HTML5 version of Angry Birds which is now a days popular and is played by a lot of people. Here is the trick to unlock the all levels in Angry birds