Even your cat can play iPad Games

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When first generation of iPad was released, it said to be even your kids can use it without trouble but now Next generation iPad was released on March 11th 2011. Purina Company created Friskies brand games that can be played by your cats. These games uses HTML 5 to play in both iPad and Android tablets as well.

The three Friskies Brand games are same like floating around the screen. The Game is CAT FISHING, Fish goes around the screen of iPad and the cat watches and try to catch. Same kind of remaing games with custom shaped objects floating and flying around the screen and cat catches those parts.

And also Company Warned:

The bare glass screen on the iPad® stands up to our cat’s claws with no problems, but please be aware that a cat’s sharp claws could possibly damage add-on plastic film covers. -gamesforcats.com

Play Games Online at http://gamesforcats.com/

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