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Top 5 Time Killers for Your iPhone

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It’s no shame to admit that sometimes you get so bored you simply don’t know what to do with yourself. Boredom is a sneaky enemy that can slowly occupy you at work, at home and even at a party. Luckily for all iPhone users, app developers have come up

How To Choose The Best Storage For Your Gaming Computer

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As a dedicated gamer, you are probably all too aware of the importance of having extra storage on your computer, and if you are in the market for extra storage then you need to be looking at purchasing an SSD storage solution. The best quality SSD’s have the ability

The Best Upcoming Xbox 360 Games in 2013

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It's hard to believe the Xbox 360 has been with us for eight years. In those years, some of the most successful games of all time have been released but there's still life in the console as this run-down of 2013's best Xbox games shows

Best RPGs On The iPad All The Time

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The iPad can be used for a lot more than just work or school. These are great devices for playing games. All types of games exist on the iPad, including a large collection of RPGs. Do you want a good RPG to play in your spare time? Consider this

Sony Took A Headshot on Microsoft with Next Gen Console PS4

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In E3 Microsoft and Sony launched its Next-Gen Consoles. Already we know that Xbox One just looks like the Old DVR player type. Most people don't really like the design. May be Microsoft will release its Xbox One next version in sleek, just like X shaped Xbox 360 but