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How To Make MS DOS Bootable Pendrive / Flash Drive

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The Dos bootable pendrive is used to boot the computer from the pendrive on DOS operating system without the help of hard disk or pre-installed Operating System. You can run the Utility programs which are compatible with the DOS OS with the help of this MS DOS bootable pendrive.

How To Clean / Remove The Startup Programs in Windows

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Windows the most popular operating system seem some times fishy because of its paranormal behavior. Most of the time windows take much time to start and slower than usual. This is because some of the programs seems unwanted are loaded at the time of windows startup. Most of the

How To Manually Install LAN Driver For Windows Server 2008 In Desktop PC

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In the process of making my desktop into the SERVER. I have install the Windows server 2008 on my PC containing Intel I3 processor with the Desktop Board Dh61ww. All the things going well and good.  After finishing the installation of the OS I found that the LAN driver not yet configured automatically. I download the Prowin32.exe

How To Install / Update Windows 8.1 Preview

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Few days back Microsoft released the preview of next version update to Windows 8 operating system. Most likely Microsoft advertise windows 8.1 OS as the most secure OS. In this they fixed the lots of security vulnerabilities. They announced a bug bounty for windows 8.1 to check and increase

How To Reset The Login Password On The Windows 8 & 7 Without Knowing The Password

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The latest and most advanced Operating system from the Microsoft is the Windows 8. Hardly changed the interface to the metro styled UI. As usual it ask for the Login password to take the appropriate user to their corresponding account in the computer. In many occasion because of your