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Windows 8 Prevents piracy by using the cloud?

Microsoft is always looking to protect its investments from piracy. While some implementations of quality assurance can be cumbersome and annoying, it is a necessary evil for Microsoft to protect its intellectual property.

AVG update sends computers into Dead End

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On Wednesday night AVG pushed an update for its popular anti-virus product, however instead of enhancing and correcting bugs for the program, it left 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Vista inoperable.

Mozilla: Microsoft, Google, Apple, and others are being evil

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Asa Dotzler, Mozilla's director of community development, has called out Microsoft, Apple, and Google for installing browser plug-ins in Firefox. The Mozilla executive is annoyed with the practice and calls it evil, since the user is not asked to give the companies permission to install the plug-ins in question.

Google releases stable version of Chrome 8

Google has released version 8 of its browser. The update brings hundreds of bug fixes as well as many features that have been available on the Chrome beta and dev channels to users interested in using Chrome's latest builds.

PANDA Cloud Antivirus 50% Discount Coupon

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