Top Free Multiplayer Games on Android

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The need for a man to be part of a virtual reality is increasing day by day. How many teenagers today want to become professional car racers? Or counterstrike soldiers? Multiplayer games have been making their dreams come true ever since. They provide a reality for a group of friends or total strangers to connect together and play a game that they love without feeling alone. People consider this as one of their favorite pass times. Here are the top multiplayer games on Android. The cherry on top? They’re absolutely free! Don’t you own any Android Device to enjoy these games? Time to buy cheaper Redmi 5A to enjoy these games.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

For people who love racing games, this game is definitely a frontrunner. With around 200 million players world-wide, Asphalt 8: Airborne is a super favorite. It won the MWC Best Mobile Game App Award in 2015

It houses extreme arcade racing experience with real-time action for a maximum of 12 opponents. It also allows you to dare your friends to ghost racers and check out their performance levels. You get to choose from more than 140 cars (Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, Ford, they have everything!) and if this was not enough, the graphics are absolutely stunning with high definition interactions between vehicles and tracks in terms of environment. Their content offers 1500 car master challenges, 400 career events and also a single player mode when you feel like getting into it on your own.

8 Ball Pool

The hit Miniclip 8 Ball Pool is now available on Android, allowing you to play with your friends or the legends of pool wherever and whenever you like! There is a practice arena provided for players to improve their skills so that they can proceed to 1 on 1 matches to win trophies! You can challenge your friends straight from Facebook or your app. For every match that you win, you get Pool Coins, through which you can buy exclusive items and cues. There is ‘level system’ in which you’re always facing a challenge against an opponent, winning these matches increases your ranking and provides you access to more exclusive match locations within the game.

Big Barn World Social Farming

Big Barn World is a place where you will never get lonely, it is one of the greatest social farming simulations available on the Android Store. It also allows you to play alone, but it is 10 times better on a multiplayer level. It is also an opportunity of meeting new people, where you can chat with them through the farm comment system or game mail. You can also view a player’s photo album by clicking on their profile. The animals are adorable, they make everyone want to have them on their farm, and you also have the option of gifting them to your friends. You get to water crops, feed your animals as well as sell your goods to other players.

Angry Birds Go!

From previous Rovio sensation Angry Birds, comes Angry Birds Go! A new perspective towards racing games, where you get to race down Piggy Island, starting from a soap box to a supercar as you go along. You can play in teams of five or have 3-on-3 races as well. Angry Birds, this time, is in 3D, making the dynamics of the game even more attractive. The best part about this game is that you can choose if you want to race as the birds OR the pigs! And you get awesome super powers too!

While looking for free multiplayer android games, keep the above four in mind – they are guaranteed to give you a good time. If you are seeking the latest trends in the android world then headover to bargainhuntersblog to read more such suggestions.

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