TarDisk – Simple Way To Double Your Mac Storage

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I’m a Developer, may some of you are designers or entrepreneur or may work in different categories. So everyone is unique by our way. But the need of additional storage will be common for everyone. If you are a Mac Book User and you are looking forward to increasing your storage, then you are at the right place! Mark my word “TarDisk” is the Simple Way to Double Your Mac Storage.

As the days passes, the need of the storage also increases respectively to the time as we store more and more data daily which may be personal or official. After some time we are supposed to delete some unwanted thing to have some free space on our MacBook for future storages. But truly speaking, most of those deleted things are fall under “not important category”, that may include your old project data or a bunch of photos resembling the time spend with our friends and family.

Apple restricts the upgradations of hardware right after the MID 2012 MAC book Pro Models. So now you can’t able to do so to increase the storage of the MAC after buying. As the need of the storage is relative with time it’s not predictable too.


If you need to Double your MAC memory without upgrading it, then TarDisk is the better solution. With this TarDisk, you can double the storage of MacBook (Air / Pro / Pro (Retina) ).

Tardisk is a simple plug and play SSD which simply fits into Memory card Slot of your MacBook. Installation is also so simple as it’s not a Geeky thing, you have to just insert the TarDisk tiny SSD into the memory card slot.

TarDisk install


Cool things in TarDisk

  • TarDisk simply merges with your available storage and extends it, That’s the coolest thing and no need to worry about the disk and its partition.TarDisk pears
  • The Data transfer speed is pretty High as you can’t ever feel any latency in accessing the data in it.
  • Water proof, Temperature proof, Shock-proof, X-ray proof, Magnet proof
  • This will not interfere with your existing Apple Care warranty
  • TarDisk consumes low power so no need to worry about the battery backup for your MacBook.

Look & Feel

TarDisk design wise wins my heart and for sure it will win everyone who is using it. The slim and solid aluminum unibody design make it a perfect match for you Macbook and it is Magnet Proof which is an admirable thing while choosing adorable additional storage.  TarDisk View

How does it work?

Pear 2.0  is the technology behind Tardisk which merges it with your current local storage. The newly merged volume is managed by OSX itself. Pears use your local storage to save the data before transfers it into the TarDisk. Pear also maintains a buffer or swap area which is responsible for making any reading / writing operation on the TarDisk.

TarDisk is a new era in Mac Storage, with TarDisk you can double or triple your mac storage in a single step and the additional advantage is that the volumes are managed automatically. TarDisk is a perfect solution when it comes to extending storage in your MacBook.

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