Dobe External Cooler Fan for Your PlayStation4 – Review

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I bought my PlayStation4 few months back and placed inside the semi closed TV cabinet. When ever i play games more than 10 mins, my PS4 starts its woozy fan noise and i have noticed its too hot because of no air ventilation. We all know when Processor heats much, its not good for the device. Same goes to PS4. So I started searching for the best TV cabinet without covered shelf to hold my playstation. but i came across a excellent accessory for my playstation. Yeah, thats the External Cooler Fan for Playstation 4 console.


I bought it for $8 from aliexpress. Even its available in amazon for $13. This External cooler fan has 2 bigger fans and 3 smaller fans which runs in 4500 RPM and  6000 RPM respectively. This cooler doesn’t need extra AC port like other cooler accessories, it just need 5V DC power from the USB which is available in your PS4.




This Cooler has few more functionalities like Turbo Mode, which runs all 5 fans in full RPM to make your PS4 cooler in few mins even you play highend graphics games like Uncharted 4 or Tom Clancy’s Division. This Cooler also has temperature controller, it automates turning on when the PS4 reaches 38C and cut down its power when temperature is lower than 38C. I am using this cooler for a week and i have noticed it reduced the heat of my PS4 almost 60%. It’s net wheight is 129 g, This coolers suits your both models cuh-1xxx and cuh-2xxx.

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Installation is pretty easy, You don’t have to be a geek to install this cooler in your PS4. Coolers body is black and mate finish just like your PS4, it suits perfectly with your consoles. It improve the operational life time of your console and also it keeps dustless. It is little bit noisy, but not an disturbance while playing.

Check out this video about this Product.

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