Nonda ZUS – Car’s True Smart Charger

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Still using an old and non-techie car chargers?, Then nonda ZUS car charger would be the best choice for you.

ZUS  have its own device detection module for charging various smart phones. WOW! this is a damn piece with car locator too. Not only features, the look and feel makes it superior among the other available car chargers.  ZUS look like  F/A-37 Talon – a fictional war craft.


Lets dig deeper on ZUS to know how smarter it is !!!.

Premium Design & Build Quality 

ZUS really hold an admirable design, the look of the ZUS will surely tempt you to have one in your car. This makes your charging dock more elegant. ZUS is crafted with german bayer material and enamel it with a titanium coating. These two make ZUS look more pretty. This design and build quality make ZUS to hold a Red Dot design award.


Not all good looking things are better at performance, there are only a few. ZUS will surely fall into this fewer category as it have lot of features compared to a normal charger.

Device Detection

ZUS has its own smartness to identify the devices plugged into it. It can differentiate IOS and android devices and make it charge evenly. This smart device detection technology make ZUS to provide the same quality charging for various devices.


Car Locator

In a multi structured parking it’s really hard to find our car. ZUS made it easy for you as it have an in-build car locator. Whenever you parking ZUS automatically saves the cars location and helps you to spot your car easily from the ZUS app. For a locator accuracy is more important, ZUS doesn’t fail to make it. Accuracy level of the ZUS car finder is so good.zus_webpage_car_locator

ZUS App also reminds you the last parking time, this feature is more helpful where you get charged for parking.

This is purely a car locator not a security system. ZUS only save the parked location. If some one drives your car it will not intimate you or get the current location of the car.

ZUS simply paired with your device and indicate the location of your car. As you know paring only done with in certain range. You will not get the current location until your device get into that range.

Turbo Charging (2 X)

Even though it had multiple good features, the main feature of  ZUS is to charge the mobile device. Yes, it succeed in that area too. ZUS can charge couple of device(2 X) two times faster than others.


Lighting System

This is one of the feature I loved in ZUS, the elegant lighting system make you to identify charging ports very clearly in the dark. Really it look majestic in that environment.

ZUS - Best USB Car Charger & Smart Car Locator _ nonda _ Premium Appcessories

Grade Quality

ZUS is the only car charger to meet US Military MIL-STD-810G High Temperature Standard (high as 100 degree celsius). This is an additional feature, just defining the durability which is not consider to be one of its useful features, because this situation will not happen to any of us until we take our car to war zone. Even if some one bombed your car ZUS still remain safe. You will not have to worry about buying a new smart car charger. LOL. But I’m sure the car wont  !!!

These unique features and product design plug ZUS to top of the other car chargers.

ZUS will be the best & smart charging partner in your car.

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