The Best Smart Watch for Every Wrist

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Smart Watches are selected mainly on the basis of features followed by convenience and looks. This watch would be there on your wrist whole day through and hence the wearing comfort is equally important. There are many companies participating in this race of best Smart Watch and you have more than 20 different Smart Watch models waiting to be explored. In that case, finding the best Smart Watch for every wrist is really a tough task but here we have listed the top 5 Smart Watches available in the market and their features that make them the part of this top 5 list. These accessories can be explored on with latest design and amazing pricing.


Sony Smart Watch 3

Sony Smart Watch is amongst some early Smart Watches introduced with GPS. It is feature rich and can be used for tracking your activity and footsteps. The screen provided here is having LCD display and not very bright. It comes with stainless steel belt or rubber belt option that would go well with your dressing needs. The low brightness of screen is further instrumental in enhancing the battery life which usually lasts for 2 days.

Huawei Watch

Those looking for the Smart Watch that looks smart and sleek may take out time to explore this affordable watch designs offered by Huawei. These watches come with both men and women oriented designs. You can check out for rose gold and Swarovski studded dials. It will serve the purpose of wearing a trendy watch and also tracking your activities with latest technology. It comes with AMOLED display that gives the sharp image for better viewing.

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung is known for bringing in innovation in the Android market and Samsung Gear 2 is also designed to offer the latest features in the body of watch. This Smart Watch looks exactly like the normal watch and is available in various colors like rose gold, platinum, and other fashion colors. It works on Tizen and those looking for Android watch may have some tough time using it but slowly you would find that this doesn’t make major difference.

LG G Watch

Like Samsung, LG is also strong and old player in the Android Smart Watch market. LG G Watch from LG has not adopted the new styling and trendy looks that other brands may have introduced but this watch is surely a great deal for its price. While you may not be able to afford some of the big brands due to the design and features, this watch would be the right combination of all three – features, design, and pricing.

Motorola Moto 360

Moto 360 from Motorola has been appreciated for its looks of first generation watch and also for the second generation watch. The watch can be found in many colors and it exactly looks like a time piece. The dial is offered with crisp display to be used to get the notifications or browse through the directions and features. The main idea of this watch is to give the technology packed in the designer watch body.

Though these 5 are listed as the top 5 watches but based on your budget, you will find many other brands with almost similar functionality and looks. Look out for Asus, PTron, Tag Heuer, Fossil, and other such brands too for variety in designs in your budget. PTron that is available only on is also loaded with ample features and is surely a steal for its price. If you are planning to explore the market beyond these 5 Smart Watches, you can check the online portals to find better deals for more Smart Watch options.

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