Keep Your Mac Clean and Tidy With CleanMyMac 2 : Review

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First when I switched to Mac from windows, I’m clueless. I asked many people about the best antivirus and other cleaner softwares for Mac, because I lived such a way when I used windows. The same way, I installed many free apps which I got from googling to keep my Mac to perform well, but it doesn’t work fine as I thought. Few softwares worked fine, but once I stopped installing many apps, I thought, why would I need too many apps to just clean my mac? The thought led me to download CleanMyMac 2 app. I thought that it will also be the same like other apps, but it’s not. After 24 hours of using CleanMyMac 2 app, I just realised that I got most features in one single app and it had the functionality of nearly 9 apps in my mac.

What so special in CleanMyMac 2 app? Let me show you! CleanMyMac 2 app is the one app which gives you total maintenance for your mac, which includes Auto cleanup, iPhoto cleanup, Trash cleanup, App uninstaller, Extensions manager, Remove unwanted large and old files from your drive, shredder and more. Lets see more detail about all features.

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Automatic Cleanup:

Automatic cleanup which covers up all tasks in one single click. It scans and removes user cache files, system cache files, user logs, system logs, broken preferences, broken login items, iOS update softwares, iOS photo cache, universal binaries, development junk and language files and also scan trash, unwanted apps, old files. Just press Scan and press Clean. Your Mac performance will be good in matter of few clicks.

System Cleanup:

System Cleanup allows you to scan and remove the system cache files, language files, log files and more which will result in good performance for your OSX operating system.


Large & Old Files:

One of my favourite features, large and old files. It simply scans your whole hard disk and analysis which files are more older and larger in size. It will show you the last usage of those files, so you can remove the unwanted and unused files within few seconds without navigating to see each folders. Save space in your precious hard disk.

iPhoto Cleanup:

If you are using iPhoto app, this utility is a super companion. iPhoto Cleanup which optimises your photos and also reduce the size of your iPhoto library. It will remove unwanted service copies of images from your Mac and you get more space. Simply locate the folder and it will take care of it.

Trash Cleanup:

Trash Cleanup is the utility by which you can remove your files from your Trash bin. You can do this step by using your stock trash bin but you can delete those files securely by Trash Cleanup. The list view helps to organise easily the files which you need to remove.


This is also one of my favourite utilities, you can remove apps which is installed using .pkg files and also .app files. If you drag the app to the trash, CleanMyMac 2 finds the leftovers of the app and notifies you and removes those files and so that you can save up few more space in your drive. Even uninstaller can find which app is not supported by your operating system and allows you to remove preference files of the app which resets the settings of the app without reinstalling.

Extensions Manager:

Extensions Manager is the powerful tool which collects all your app extensions like Contacts, Browser, Dictionary, Login startup apps, Preference apps, Quick look plugins, Quicktime player plugins and Spotlight plugins and more. You can enable or disable all these extensions in a single window. 


Eraser is the best shredder which I ever used, you can sherd your documents securely without any hassle. Drag and drop the files to the shredder and click shred, you are done. 

These are the features you can use it to keep your Mac healthy. Even you can schedule automatic cleanup which cleanup your mac without hassle.  You can get CleanMyMac 2 in offer price for limited time.

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