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Your Mac computer is expensive. It is precious. It is one of the world’s best computers. Although Apple Mac is well known for its great self-maintenance, which requires less cleansing job than Windows computers, the Mac can also get sluggish because of kinds of junk files stored in it with time and use. Experts do suggest Mac users performing regular cleaning for your Mac laptop or desktop, especially for old Mac users. Cleaning your Mac manually is not an easy job for most users because most of us have no idea about where to find the junks and what to delete. Previously, I have talked about the Mac cleaner CleanMyMac 2, and today, I want to introduce another new yet free way to go.

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MacClean – the new & free Mac cleaning software is here to help. It is a free cleanup program works well for all Mac laptops and desktops, including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, etc. MacClean knows exactly where to scan and what to delete, so it gives you worry-free cleaning for your Mac. Just in three – steps, it will thoroughly remove the junk files and make your Mac run faster.

MacClean Main Features

MacClean supports four types of junk files – Internet Junk, User Junk, System Junk, and Application Junk. It helps clearing all junk files from multiple browsers (Safari, Chrome, and Firefox) in one click. Moreover, all user temp files created by Mac apps, system cache files, and app leftover files can be removed all at once. Better still, MacClean lets you decide whether you want to move the junk files to trash bin or permanently remove from your Mac. Now check the junk file types MacClean supports.


Internet Junk:

If you are working on more than one browser on your Mac, it might be tedious for you to remove various types of Internet junk one by one. MacClean manages to remove junk files from Safari, Chrome and Firefox all at once, including Internet Cache Files, Internet Cookies, Web Browsing Histories, Web Download Histories, Browsing sessions, Site Preferences, etc.

User Junk:

User junk files can be generated when you installed an app, upgraded your iDevice app with iTunes or synced photos to Mac. And with time goes by, the large volume of user junks can slow your Mac performance. MacClean helps remove these User Cache Fiels, User Log Files, and iOS Photo Cache thus to speed up your Mac in no time.

System Junk:

Does your Mac take longer time to start up than before? One of the reasons might be the great number of system junk on your Mac. Your Mac operating system will automatically keep the OS usage, system errors, and services running on your computer. As an average user, there is no need to keep them on your Mac all the time, so let MacClean to remove these system cache files and log files for you.

Application Junk:

Uninstalling an app is quite simple and easy, but the app leftovers like settings configuration options are still stored on your Mac. These files take up your limited Mac space, and there is no necessary to keep them on your computer. MacClean is capable of clean up the app leftovers as well as incompatible applications on your Mac.

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