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I think one of the main reasons why Apple is so famous is its App Store where everybody can find an app according to his/her tastes. I am a future designer, and recently I discovered that App Store has many designer apps, too, and they can be truly useful!

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Here are the five apps I’m using at the moment; I think they’re a must for every graphic designer who owns an iPhone, and even those who know nothing about design will probably find them very useful.

1. Zeptopad

Zeptopad is a rather old app, but it’s still one of my most favorite designer apps on the iPhone, and it works so well on my new iPhone 4S. This app gives you the opportunity to draw vector images. A sudden idea came to your mind? No problem, you have your iPhone, draw it there so not to forget! It’s easy and it can be really useful, since good ideas usually come when we don’t have any notebooks and pencils ready at hand to draw sketches.

Visit the official page of Zeptopad to find out more about it.

2. HEX RGB Color Guides

Designers work with colors a lot, and a nice color tool can be very handy sometimes. HEX RGB Color Guides is one of the colors apps I’m using all the time – it gives access to the codenames of most RGB and HEX colors, and I use this iPhone app even when working on my PC.

3. Color Toy

Color Toy is another great color app for designers – it will help you find the right color for whatever you do. Unlike many other color apps, this one has a very useful feature called “Capture,” which gives you the opportunity to capture any color from any image (so if there’s a nice color on some pic, you can use the app to find out the codename of that color so to be able to use it later in your own works).

4. Layers

Layers is one of those apps that let you play with images and create new ones based on them with the help of many tools like virtual brushes, paint, erasers and so on. For me, Layers is like a smaller sibling of Photoshop (though there is a mobile version of Photoshop). You can work with up to five layers, making one transparent, erasing some parts on another and creating an interesting pic after all. Of course, you can’t create any serious designer work using this app, but it’s fun to play around with it, plus it can give you some good ideas.

5. PhotoBucket

We designers often want to show some of our works to our friends to find out their opinion (if you have the right friends, their opinions really help to improve your work!). If the pics you want to share are located in your iPhone, the best way to share them is to upload them to Photobucket using its mobile application. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s free.

I’m sure there are many other designer apps in the App Store worth being downloaded, and I’m still looking for them and testing them. If you have heard abouta good designer app or if you’re using one that’s not in my list, please do share!

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