10 Free Android Apps for Managing Your Personal Finances

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Since the rise in popularity of smart phones, it seems that many aspects of life that were once considered stationary are now being taken on the road. Such is the case with keeping track of your personal finances. No longer do you have to keep folders full of paperwork in your study, you are now able to manage all of your personal spending in the palm of your hands. Android-based smart phones now have exceptional apps that a person can use to keep track of their money, making it easier than ever to have all of your personal financial information on you at all times.

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Best of all, many of these great Android apps are completely free, which is obviously important to people who are serious about their finances and don’t need yet another expense tacked on to their lives. Let’s take a look at 10 excellent, and completely free, Android applications that can help you take control of your personal budgets using nothing but your handy smart phone.

1.       Hello Expense

This app is great because of its simplicity. It allows you to track all of your income and expenses by entering these figures quickly and easily into the app and then saving the data as a CSV file, which can later be turned into a spreadsheet if you want to back up the information either on your personal computer or as a physical copy.

2.       iSpend

Another great tool for tracking your personal expense, it is also very easy to use and simple to understand. A great feature of this app is that you can create charts from your data, which can help you to analyze your spending habits in order to see where your money is going and change your spending ways if you need to do so.

3.       Google Wallet

Are you worried about losing your wallet? You no longer have to be, thanks to Google Wallet, which gives you the ability to purchase anything you want with the help of your phone. This app puts the power of several credit cards into your phone, making it possible to pay for anything you need via your phone, which is in essence a virtual wallet that you can lock and keep secure without the risk of losing it.

It should be noted, however, that you will need to install special hardware and an NFC terminal to use the app.

4.       Personal Budget Droid

An easy to organize app that allows you to customize your bookkeeping by included your own categories and easily noting all of your transactions during the course of the month. It supports several different currencies as well.

5.       Loot

A nifty bank account ledger that allows you to input multiple accounts to keep track of at once. It also has a very good search engine that lets you find what you need quickly and effectively thanks to its tags function.

6.       Nickel Tracker

If you are looking to start saving and cutting costs, this is the perfect budgeting app for you. You can enter weekly and monthly spending limits that will alert you when you are being too frivolous with your money. You can also set up the app to export your monthly statistics into a spreadsheet and email the information to you automatically.

7.       Financisto

One of the most complete financial managers for Android, it allows you to use multiple accounts, any currency you want, and is highly customizable. It also makes it easy for you to back up all of your records online.

8.       Mint.com

One of the most popular online personal finance tools, Mint.com has now become even more portable with this Android app. It allows you to safely and securely track several accounts at the same time without having to switch between them.

9.       Expensify

This app is very highly rated by business travelers and people who love on the road. It is one of the best apps for people who need an easy and effective way to keep track of their expense reports while on the road trying to earn a living.

10.   Pageonce

An app that once set up, will automatically organize and track not only the money you are earning, but the bills and expenses that you are paying as well. It also has excellent time alerts included that make sure you will never miss a payment.

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