The best new tablets for 2011: An easy to swallow guide

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The 3 best new tablets for 2011

There’s no doubt that the tablet computer has become big news since Apple launched their iPad just over a year or so ago. While it was initially greeted with a mixture of fascination and bemusement, the iPad has gone on to win over legions of new fans and also inspire a dazzling array of rivals.

Of course, one of the biggest issues with the Apple iPad has always been the relatively high price, although the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which runs on the Android operating system, costs similar money. That might tempt you to look elsewhere for one of the much cheaper rival tablets currently on the market, but
buying cheap can often be false economy in the computer world.

Other options

Nevertheless, if you either can’t afford or don’t fancy the two tablets at the top of the tree then there are plenty of other devices that will be well worth a once over during the course of the year. One example, the BlackBerry Playbook, looks like being a tablet that will standalone seeing as it runs on RIM’s very own version of its tablet operating system.

You can expect to enjoy plenty of lively performance, thanks to the dual-core processing power built in to this device. There is a front and rear camera along with a mini HDMI port plus Flash support and the ability to multi-task with ease. If you’re the sort of person who loves a BlackBerry handset then this tablet could
prove to be a good bet, although it’s also likely to be quite pricey.

Dell is also unveiling its revised Streak 7 model, which is an Android powered tablet that is slightly bigger in the screen area than it’s earlier incarnation thanks to an excellent WVGA desktop. You’ll also get plenty of performance from the dual-core 1GHz Tegra 2 processor inside the box, a five-megapixel camera along
with full Flash support. The device also sparkles thanks to the rather nifty Dell Stage user interface.

The Streak 7 will come in two model variants, with the Wi-Fi and 3G versions likely to hold most appeal if you need to gain mobile broadband access when the nearest router just isn’t available for your Wi-Fi only edition.

The old favourite

However, when it comes to a tablet with a well-proven track record then the current Apple iPad 2 is still perhaps the pick of the bunch when it comes to combining performance with style. The build quality and design of this latest version is second to none, and there are also clip-on covers that now allow you to
personalise your iPad too.

Although the device will set you back a fair amount of money, there’s no denying that the Apple iPad 2 not only makes a style statement but also performs well no matter what you’re doing. Added to that, there is an enviable selection of apps to choose from, which unlike some of the other tablet models around, turns this
little handheld device into something else entirely.

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