T-Mobile to launch free WiFi calling plan

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If you have a phone that is serviced by T-Mobile which has WiFi features, then you are very lucky person to enjoy the Free WiFi Calling plan which is going to introduce by T-Mobile. Tmonews.com revealed the Leaked Document of T-Mobile which contains the launch of new plan that allows T-Mobile phone users to make unlimited phones calls via WiFi connections without using any minutes from the current phone plans or Money. Its especially for WiFi based phone customers.

Actually the plan was planned to launch today but for some reasons the launch of plans have be delayed without any announcement.


Leaked Document (Image source: tmonews.com)

If the Plan is launched to T-Mobile Customers they will be alerted to compatible phone customers via text message. those customers will be happy with it. T-Mobile is currently planned to be acquired by AT&T for whopping $38 billion. As DSLReports AT&T has tons of problem to keep customers happy with dropped calls and low broadband speed of Internet services.

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