How To Clean / Remove The Startup Programs in Windows

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Windows the most popular operating system seem some times fishy because of its paranormal behavior. Most of the time windows take much time to start and slower than usual. This is because some of the programs seems unwanted are loaded at the time of windows startup. Most of the installed software will automatically add to the windows startup at the time of installation. This startup objects stay resident and use the available resources for the quicker access.  To make the system work faster its essential to free the resource from the unwanted and unused programs. You can done this by removing the unwanted programs from the windows startup.

Windows Startup Clean

All the startups are not consider as unwanted, adding some programs like antivirus, firewall to the windows startup will make smarter enviroinment. When ever you installing the software as i said above by default it will add to windows startup. This list grows as like as the number of installed software. Let get in to the clean up process. Windows have the inbuilt tool named MSCONFIG to manage the startup items. MSCONFIG is nothing but the windows System Configuration Utility. You can change the various system configuration setting using MSCONFIG. Now here we are going to explain with windows xp, windows 7 and windows 8.

Clean Startup Programs in Windows XP / Windows 7

  • To launch the MSCONFIG open the Run  Command (windows + R) and type MSCONFIG in the box available there and click OKmsconfig windows 8


Note : MSCONFIG it have a capable to do lot more than managing the startup items. So be conscious in using that tool.

  • System Configuration Dialogue box visible to you and click on the Startup tab.msconfig_startup
  • List of the programs added to the windows startup are listed. you can enable / disable the program from windows startup by check / uncheck the corresponding check box respectively.
  • Finally click on the OK button to save the modifications.
  • A prompt ask you to restart the PC. Restart the PC for the changes take effect.

Note : Don’t Disable the antivirus and firewall software’s from startup

Clean Startup Programs in Windows 8

In windows 8 there is a small change in the procedure of cleaning the startup. Yes it much easier and handy. You can disable the startup programs from the task manager itself.

The all above mentioned steps are also compatible with windows 8 but it finally it redirect you to the Task Manager to manage the startup program.

windows 8 startup

You can launch the Task manager directly by pressing the key combination( Ctrl + Alt + Del ) and select the TaskManager from the available list

(or) you can search for Task Manager under windows 8 Apps.

taskmanager windows 8

Taskmanager windows 8

If the Task Manager shows only the minimum options Click on the More details button to expand the Task Manager to its full functioning view.

Taskmanager windows 8 expand


  • Navigate to the Startup tab, there you can find the list of programs.
  • Simply right click over the required program and disable the unwanted programs from the startup (or) you can use the button below to disable / Enable the program on windows startup.
  • Restart the PC for the changes take effect.

Thats all now your pc will ready to start up like the charm. you can see the speed in performance and the startup time of the PC. Its seems like small bit of cookie but everyone want to know and whats happening behind the screen. If you found any more problems in your operating system, always there are many technical Customer Relationship Management powered by zoho around internet. Contact them to provide a better solution. Hope you enjoyed reading, share it with your friends over the social networks. If you have any doubts kindly drop it in comments section.

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