How To Manually Install LAN Driver For Windows Server 2008 In Desktop PC

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In the process of making my desktop into the SERVER. I have install the Windows server 2008 on my PC containing Intel I3 processor with the Desktop Board Dh61ww. All the things going well and good.  After finishing the installation of the OS I found that the LAN driver not yet configured automatically. I download the Prowin32.exe driver files from the Intel Download Center which is also not working with that OS. I got the Error message that the installation files didn’t support for this operating system. I have searched the internet for the drivers. Which will not take any of the effect to install the drivers. Finally I found the very simple way to install the driver files for the LAN on Windows Server 2008 manually.

windows lan driver manually install.psd

Installing LAN Driver on windows 2008 for DH61WW Desktop Board

  • Right Click My computer and click the properties. Go to Device Manager.
  • Here you find that the LAN Driver was not yet installed.


There is a simple step to Configure the Network Adapter of the Motherboard DH61ww.  The Dh61ww Motherboard use the Intel 82579LM Gigabit Network adapter.  So we have to manually install the driver for that appropriate Network Adaptor.

Do follow the Steps to Install the Lan Driver Manually into the Windows Server.

1)  Right Click the Ethernet Controller in Device Manger and choose the  Update Drivers.


2) The Update Driver Software wizard opens. On that click on the Browse my Computer for driver software.


3)  Next Click on Let me pick from the list of the device driver on My Computer then click Next.


4) Select the Device type as Network Adapters.


5) From the List Choose the Manufacturer  as Intel & Network Adapter Model as Intel(R) 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection then Click Next.


6) A Warning Message box Appears Click YES on that. That warning shows that the driver is not Exactly match the Hardware.

Just Ignore the message.


7) The Installation of the appropriate driver begins. Finally you got a conformation message that Intel Lan driver was updated successfully in windows server. At last Click on Close button.

finished-instalation-lan manually windows server

Now Check  the Device manager  the Network Adapters was Installed & its working Properly.


LAN Driver for windows server 2008 on the DH61WW Intel Mother Board was manually configured. You can also try these steps with the other version of the Windows Server and Intel desktop boards, it may work. Need more support for your computers check iTok online computer tech support. If you have any doubts kindly drop it in comments section.

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