How To Reset The Login Password On The Windows 8 & 7 Without Knowing The Password

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The latest and most advanced Operating system from the Microsoft is the Windows 8. Hardly changed the interface to the metro styled UI. As usual it ask for the Login password to take the appropriate user to their corresponding account in the computer. In many occasion because of your stress there you have a chance to forget the password. Some times it may occur due to the security consciousness of the user as they frequently change the password.

Its advised to create the password recovery disk to reset the password for login into the system. As the password recovery disk signed and created by Microsoft which reset the Password of certain user or all the user as per your selection. Problem begins when ever you not having the password recovery disk with you or not yet created. Even though it seems a huge problem, still its is a operating system from the Microsoft its not so tough to bypass the Login Screen.

This Tutorial will work for both Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating Systems

(may work in Vista too)

Reset Windows Password

Classic method to reset the password is by using the Password Reset Disk created under the corresponding windows operating system. If you don’t have it, you can also use the Windows Recovery Disk to reset the password. There are lots of third party software’s are available to reset the password, but I am not sure about the privacy and security. Resetting the password manually by yourself will the best choice. Here I’m going to unzip the process of resetting the windows 8 password.

Note : Please Kindly Do Follow the steps only to reset your own Login password. Its not advised to use these technique over other Login accounts.

You must need the Windows Repair Disk or a Windows Repair USB. (Read How to Create a Windows Recovery DVD/USB)

If you are using  Windows Recovery/Repair Disk mount in the DVD drive or Plug the bootable Windows Recovery USB Drive into the USB port.

Steps to Reset the User Accounts Password in Windows 8

Now windows 8 installed mostly as OEM in the laptops. As they use the UEFI  secured Boot. First we have to change the Bios boot setting from UEFI to Legasy, then only you can boot from the DVD or USB. (Note: skip thes step if you are having older BIOS)

  • Access the Bios Setup by pressing the appropriate key strokes assigned for your laptop or Computer.

Note : Here i am taking Sony Vaio for the Demo. You can access the bios simply in Sony vaio by pressing the Assist button in the turned off  laptop. It make your Sony laptop to boot under recovery mode. Select Start Bios Setup from the Option.

windows 8 recovery win

  • Now you can see and have access to the BIOS. In the BIOS Screen navigate to the Boot tab and change the Boot Mode From UEFI to Legacy.



  • Make sure that External Boot Device option is Enabled if your are using the Bootable Windows Repair USB Drive.
  • In Boot Priority, Keep Internal Optical Disc Drive if you are using DVD or Keep External USB Device if you are using Bootable USB Drive as First Boot Priotiry.
  • Press F10 to save the changes made and to reboot.
  • Now It will start the Windows Recovery DVD/USB.
  • Select the keyboard input method and click Next.

select language win

  • In System Recovery Options box select the radio button corresponding to the Use Recovery Tools that… repair Which is available at the top. and then click Next.

launch recovery win

  • Click on the Command Prompt option to open the command prompt with extreme privilege.

recoovery option win

  • In the Command Prompt type the following command.

copy c:\windows\system32\narrator.exe c:\

copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\narrator.exe

reset password win 8 win

  • Restart the PC. (If you have changed the Bios Mode to Legacy as shown in the beginning, change back to UEFI mode and Save)
  •  Now boot from the Hard Disk to load the windows 8.
  • As usual the windows load and take you to the Login screen.
  • Click the Easy of Access Button available at the bottom left corner and select the Narrator.

launch narrator win

  • Your selection launch the Command Prompt instead of Narrator. (we replaced the narrator with CMD using Repair disk in above steps)
  • In the command prompt type the following command (type username of the account and new password as you like)

net user username new-password

reseting password win

(If you are not sure with the user name, use the command net user in the command prompt it will list the available users under windows 8.)

Now your mentioned user account is ready with the new password provided by you in the command prompt. Use the new password to login.

Don’t forgot to restore the original Narrator.Exe inside the system32 folder which you was backup at the beginning.

To restore Narrator

  • Boot back with the Windows recovery Disk.
  • Launch the command prompt.
  • Type the command

copy c:\narrator.exe c:\windows\system32\narrator.exe 


The same steps are also work with windows 7 Operating system. You can also use the Windows 7 recovery disk 32 bit in windows 8 64 bit  to do these sort of  things. If you have any doubts, kindly drop us in Comments section.




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