Tasky – A New Task Management App in Mac OS X

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Managing task using different task manager tools may prove conflicting and time consuming while doing it on your computer. Though there are certain tools available to schedule your tasks on your system but it looks like a cumbersome job sometimes using these tools. To deal with the situation Inspiring-Life Technologies Pvt Ltd. has offered one amazing task management app called Tasky to schedule your daily tasks instantly. This app not only helps you schedule your task in the easiest way possible but it also works as a perfect task management tool to save your precious time.


Let’s discuss some of its salient features and benefits:

  • Designed with a smart and intuitive interface.
  • Add small notes with each task to remember.
  • Swipe left on a task using Track Pad to delete a task.
  • You can check total assigned tasks for a day at the bottom right corner of the app.
  • A quick search bar at the bottom of the app to search any task.
  • Export PDFs of any task lists or print them directly from the app.
  • Avail iCloud sync across iOS and macOS.

tasky app


How does Tasky work?

Assigning task on this task manager is pretty simple.

  • All you need to do is to select the date of the assigned task and need to mention the task in given “Add Task” box.
  • You can select the date from the built-in calendar in the app and schedule the time for the task as well.
  • Here you can tag the assigned task in different categories (Home, Office, Official Works, Personal etc.) according to work nature and further can sort them in one place.
  • Once you have scheduled the task and the category, you can “Uncategorize” it also, in case you want to change the category or remove the task. You can add multiple tasks under different categories.
  • You can mark tasks as complete one by one as you accomplish them. You can also browse tasks according to All, Complete or Incomplete tasks.
  • You can select a task for today, next day, next week or on any other planned date.

Tasky is an impressive task management tool to organize daily tasks in a simple and instant way. You can add your daily tasks and schedule your day within minutes using this amazing task management tool. It also helps you to schedule your future events easily.

Tasky 1.0 is available at the Mac App Store at the cost of $3.99 with a 60% discounted rate for a limited period of time. Its 1.0.1 updated version is available for $9.99 at the Mac Store. It works on Mac OS X Yosemite and El Capitan. This daily task scheduler supports Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Conclusion: With elaborate features and functions Tasky offers its users to schedule their tasks in pretty simple manner. It offers extended features to help users to get the maximum benefit of this task management tool. It is one of the best task management tools available today thus it is highly recommended for users.

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