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The term cyber security is stared over more than a decade ago , Even though now we have lots of advanced technology, still data are not fully secured. Yes we have improved lot on security over the data but its not 100% . Before get into the topic just have a little discussion over the term password. Password is the key which confirm your identity over the virtual world and make admission and access to all your secured data. If you are using the same password for all of your accounts your security is surely at risk. So its better to have different and better password for your access over multiple sites. And make practicing of change the password periodically will increases your security features. Keeping the different password for different account and  change it periodically is really tough to follow. So here comes the job of password manager. 


The Mac Eco system have lots of password managers even though 1Password remains over top of the all, due to its latest technology, elegant appearance and excellent features. Don’t think  that 1password is a simple password manager tool to just store your password. It’s really more than that.

New UI 

The latest & new 1password 6 for IOS 9 and we have version 5 for OSX these two holds new interface which is elegant and clean. Your data are now much more organised than before. Right from the initial screen you can feel the change in UI and app animations.


This the better place to store your valuable informations like your passwords, passport number, credit card information and online account details.  1Password makes it convenient for you to stay more secure ever. 1Password can assist you in generating strong password apart from managing your passwords, this makes your credentials far better.

Browser Add-Ons

1 password come with extension that available for various popular browsers which make your login so simple with in a single click and also helps you in generating stronger password for you online accounts.

Cross platform support

1password available as native app for IOS, OSX, WINDOWS and ANDROID. There may a chance of  multi platforms simultaneously like one and home and another at your workplace, whatever it would be, with the version of major platform support you can easily get access to your password.

Multiple & Shared Vaults.

Multiple vault and the shared vault are the new feature add to the latest versions of 1password. You can create multiple vaults with their respective own master passwords and also you can use those vaults to share selected items with family, friends, or co-workers who might need access to logins or sensitive information.


Syncing makes your encrypted sensitive data to sync for share it between the devices. You have the delegate option to choose the method of syncing. You can sync the encrypted data using the Dropbox or else you can sync it with iCloud. Even if you are not satisfied on syncing the data to online clouds you can make a sync with local servers using wifi.

Why 1password?

Create better password

Organise Password

Easy login



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