3 Things You Should Buy After Picking Up Your 12″ Retina Macbook

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The new 12” Retina Macbook is expensive and beautiful… Did I say, beautiful? If I did, I didn’t say it enough. Because no matter how ridiculously expensive it is, you badly want one. And that is just one short step from owning one. But once you took delivery of your new Macbook 12 (#Macbooklust), your shopping spree has just begun. Time to accessorize with a few things and services to make the package complete, it can ever be said that the package is complete. Here are the next three things you need to buy:


Ubiquitous Connection

Whether you are in the house or on the go, you want the Macbook with you every step of the way. However, without a fast and ubiquitous connection to the Internet, this fashion lappy really is just another pretty face. If you don’t already have one, drive to the nearest Apple Store and pick up the latest AirPort Extreme. This little network tower sends your broadband connection to every corner of your cave. I’m not sure what the practical limit to the range is. Never mind tech specs. Place this on the main floor, and the signal is just as strong as in the basement, upstairs, or on the porch. Though noticeably weaker, the signal even hangs on half a block away.

But before any of that is meaningful, you need a good broadband connection to sling. You don’t have to look far. The same company that provides your TV service most likely also offers high-speed Internet connectivity. So you can get it as a bundle. By getting a bundle, you save a bundle. That is true for all the big providers, even satellite companies. Also remember to look into the details with these companies. For example, If you plan to use DirecTV, remember to check for Direct TV internet availability in your particular area.

The other part of ubiquitous connectivity is mobile broadband. While the Macbook 12 does not come with cellular connectivity, under the latest version of the OS, it is easier than ever to tether to your iPhone. T-Mobile offers unlimited LTE. A certain amount of high-speed tethering is free. After that amount is used up, the speed is throttled. You can purchase extra high-speed tethering capacity. If you are out and about a lot, that is one of the first calls you should make.

Safe Passage

Safe passage is not something you have to worry about if you never leave the house. Your Retina 12 is easy to transport from room to room. Travel bag not required. But the moment you leave the house with this Retina book tucked under your arm, you realize the need to go shopping for a new bag for safe transport. Unsightly scratches are not welcome, here.

Heavy posted a list of their top 5 laptop bags for the 12” Macbook. I happen to own the first one on the list: the Evecase laptop Briefcase. It is a durable, soft case that is pleasing to the touch. There is plenty of room for accessories. And the rubberised bottom makes it extremely protective. Decent laptop bags are no longer expensive. Your selection has never been better. So get selecting. Here it is the Tips For Mac Laptop Bag Selection.

Something Interesting To Do

The most important thing you need to pair with new book is something interesting for it to do. Much has been made of its performance relative to the Macbook Pro. Newsflash! It’s not a Macbook Pro. You can pick up a Pro book for the same price as the M12 if that’s your pleasure. That said, the 12” hotness can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. It just might take an extra few seconds depending on the task.

Garageband, Logic, and other production software is no problem. Photos pop on the new screen. Manipulate them in your editor of choice. You are going to want to do a lot of writing on the new shallow, clicky keys. Pages, Word, iA-Writer are all great choices.

Connection, protection, and production will round out your most excellent Mac Purchase. If you have anything on your mind, let us know in comments section.

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