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Microsoft’s new email “Outlook” app is out already and has been gaining grounds as one of the “best” email app as expected. The company has launched the app for iOS and a preview version for Android devices. Though both Android and iOS had calender apps earlier, but Microsoft says that the new Outlook app will bring a pleasurable email experience to complement the modern age. There is hardly anything which you can’t do using this cool app, and its intuitive interface is all set to offer you a plethora of features that are sure to please you.

Outlook Email App Cover

Two months ago, Microsoft acquired email app Accompli, and then convert it to a fully-functional Outlook mobile app. Available for free, the new Outlook app is somewhere similar to Accompli. We can simply say it as  Accompli app rebranded. The company is also planning to update it regularly. So, in a very short period of time users will see certain variations within the app to make their experience even better.

What Are We Going To See in New Outlook

Bristled with powerful and helpful features, the latest email app splits mail into two tabs- Focused and Other. All the emails which need your immediate attention will be grouped under the Focused tab, while Others will contain those emails which can be addressed later.

what is that makes this feature so unique?

when you start moving your mails in or out from Focus to Other or vise versa, Outlook will start learning which messages are important for you.

Swiping from left to right will enable you to perform certain functions such as archive, delete, flag, move, marking mails as read or unread. Also there is a “Quick Filter” button which lets you easily filter flagged and unread emails, and you can also change the settings to see only mails with attachments.

You can also give a personal touch to these swipe functions if you don’t like the default one, this is something which gives Outlook an upper hand.

Additionally, there is also a feature called “Schedule Email” removes emails on temporarily basis from your inbox and returns them at the time of your choice.

Another great thing about Outlook is that the app works seamlessly with Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo Mail,, and Office 365, thus providing a hassle-free way of managing and controlling transitions. Also, for storing files, you can easily getting connected with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box.

The Outlook app comes packed with predictive search to help you find emails, files, and contact list instantly. Using features like “People” will help you see the contacts of those people whom you send emails on a frequent basis. Further, there is absolutely no need to open a Microsoft e-mail account to use the app.

What is that makes the new Outlook email absolutely unique and outstanding ?

Its ability to provide a much smoother interaction between emails and calender apps. The app makes accessing and working with calender a breeze to ensure you have a delightful mobile email experience. There is a “Quick RSVP” feature which allows you to respond to meetings with some helpful buttons such as ‘Accept’, ‘Tentative’, and ‘Decline’.And what’s more? There is also an option named as “Send Availability” that allows you define the available time for meetings. Once you finish deciding the time, you can proceed to create a meeting invitation within the app. Outlook has also made it extremely easy to schedule your meetings with one-tap calendar icon.

Another feature which can make you a fan of this app is its ability to share all the files quickly that are stored in the Cloud. Generally, when people start writing an email on the mobile device, it becomes quite tricky for them to link to cloud documents or attach them, which forces them to get back to their desktops. But using an app like Outlook, you don’t need to worry about all these things as the app comes with an automatic system where file permissions will be given to the receiver of the mail.

Let’s Wrap Up

These are some standout features of Microsoft’s new Outlook email app. The app is surely a winner in its own way as it depicts a perfect combination of functionality and familiarity. It will provide a better support to handle your email related needs efficiently

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