How to Turn Off / Turn On Automatic Maintanance in Windows 8.1

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“Windows 8.1” new windows operating from Microsoft updated lots of features by getting the feedback from windows 8. Lots of new features are added to the windows 8.1. “Automatic Maintenance” is the one of the enhanced and updated feature which already available in windows Xp, Vista & Win 7. Automatic Maintenance is nothing but a inbuilt repair tool which significantly repair your windows 8.1. Automatic Maintenance run in the background and takes care of security updating and scanning, Windows software updates, disk de-fragmentation, system diagnostics. It repair the system as per the error log collected in windows. Automatic Maintenance is triggered by “Schtasks.exe and it is located in the C:\Windows\System32 directory.

turnoff automatic maintenance in windows 8

Deadline scheduling, Resource utilization conflicts, Energy efficiency, Transparency to the user these are the key problems addressed by the Automatic maintenance. If you feel annoying with this Automatic Maintenance you can turn it off manually and turn on when ever require and schedule the maintenance process as per your wish.

Stop the Automatic Maintenance in windows 8

  • To stop the Automatic Maintenance in windows 8 tiled menu type “task” or “schedule task” and click on the Schedule Task application.

schedule task windows 8.1

  • Task Schedule application will appear. In the left panel expand the tree structure Task Schedule Library -> Microsoft -> Windows. Choose TaskScheduler from it.

schedule task windows 8.1

  • After click on TaskScheduler in the right panel corresponding maintenance options are available.

stop automatic maintenance windows 8

  • To Turn Off the Automatic Maintenance right click over the  Idle Maintenance and Regular Maintenance and select Disable.

stop automatic maintenance windows 8

If you wish to turn Automatic Maintenance on do it reverse and select the Enable option from the Pop-up.

Turn Off the Automatic Maintenance Messages

You can also disable the messages from the Automatic Maintenance within some clicks. Navigate to Action Center in Control Panel.

Control Panel  -> System and Security -> Action Center

  • Click on  Change Action Center Settings available on the left panel.

change action center settings

  • Change Action Center Settings window appears in that uncheck the Automatic Maintenance and click OK

turm off automatic maintenance message

Change Schedule of Automatic Maintenance

If you want to change the schedule time of the Automatic Maintenance it is also possible. Open Action Center from Control Panel.

  • Click on the Down Arrow button corresponding to the Maintenance. It expand and show the extra options.

chane shedule time of automatic maintenance

  • Click on the Change Maintenance Settings.

chane shedule time of automatic maintenance

  • Automatic Maintenance window will open. In that Change the requires time to start the Automatic Maintenance.

chane shedule time of automatic maintenance

You can start the Automatic Maintenance manually by click on the Start Maintenance / Stop Maintenance  option available near the Change Maintenance Settings

manual automatic maintenance

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