Top Voice Calling Softwares Recommended For Ubuntu

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VOIP ( Voice Over Internet Protocol) changed the experience of communication using internet. This protocol makes the possibility of doing the voice calls and chats using the Internet. You can call the PC to PC or PC to phone with the help of VOIP service providers. Calling PC to PC is mostly a free service. There are some software’s available to have a voice conversation over the internet without any cost.  The main factors influence the VOIP are low cost and increased functionality.

VOIP Ubuntu

Ubuntu becoming the one of the most powerful and popular open source operating system which is also shipped as a pre installed OS in some laptops and PC too. Ubuntu makes a lots of user to access the extreme functionality of the computer with out any cost. Thousands of applications are available at Ubuntu software center for download to increase the users accessibility and satisfy user needs. There are some software’s available for Ubuntu to do a voice calls.

You can make a voice calls from PC to PC using VOIP with out any cost, Just you have to create a ID with the corresponding service provider. There are lots of VOIP software’s are available for Windows, MAC and Linux distribution.  Some of the Top VOIP clients are listed here.


skype for ubuntu

The most popular and commonly used VOIP software powered by Microsoft is Skype, It’s also available for PC / MAC so you can easily make a call to any PC running Skype. You can also even make a call to the phones from Skype with low cost compare to the Phone service provider. Skype installer is available as a Debian installer package for Ubuntu so installation also very simple. Jut you have to download Skype package from its website by choosing the distribution. Download Skype for Ubuntu from here. Login using the existing ID or Create a new one and start making the voice calls among PC running with Skype.


Blink on Ubuntu

Blink is the simple, efficient and future full Voice Over IP available for Linux, Mac & windows.  Similar to Skype this also available for multi platform so you can place a call to another person running different OS too. Blink is not available in the software center of the Ubuntu, You can install it from the external repositories. Installation instruction of Blink on Ubuntu is available here. Do follow the instruction and install the Blink in your computer.


qutecom linux VOIPQutecom is a SIP compliant VOIP client developed under GPL (General Public License) and available for all the user for free of cost. Qutecom binaries are also available for Windows and MAC. Unlike Skype and Blink it is listed in the Ubuntu Software Center itself, so you can download and install the Qutecom client easily with in a simple clicks. You can establish a Voice connection between the PC easily by using this client. You can also place a call to the phones by selecting appropriate SIP. Qutecom have a nice GUI interface with more flexible options.


ekiga VOIP ubunutEkiga is also a cross platform VOIP client developed under open source license which makes the calls between PC easier with it nice and simple interface. Ekiga is available for Windows and Linux. Ekiga support HD audio and Video up to DVD quality. You can grab it from the Ubuntu software centre itself.  you can flexibly choose the service provider using this client. Ekiga also supports Standard Telephony features like Call Hold, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, DTMF.


linphone ubuntuLinphone is available for the Linux, Windows and MAC. Its also a open source project make you to communicate freely with people over the internet, with voice, video, and instant text messaging. You can use all type of SIP VOIP provider in this client.  Linphone is listed in the Ubuntu Software centre, So installation make easier. The interface looks so light and faster.

This may make some clear idea over the available VOIP software’s for Ubuntu Operating system. These clients also have the support for the other operating systems also, check their web page for the compatibility of the VOIP clients with operating systems. If you have any suggestion kindly let us know via comment section. If you like this article share it with your friends via social network.

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