How To Install Adobe Photoshop in Ubuntu Operating System

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All you know that Adobe Photoshop is the one of the best tool for photo editing and all designers use it as primary tool. Now Adobe have latest version of Photoshop CS6. Adobe Photoshop is only developed for Windows and Mac OS. Think about the Open Source users like linux distribution operating systems. You have an alternate like Gimp Photo Editor but always Photoshop is the ultimate tool for editing. Today I am going to show you how to install Adobe Photoshop in Ubuntu.

Photoshop  is the classic & evergreen software of  which is the one of the most popular among common peoples to edit the photos. Even the professionals using the  various version Photoshop. Here I am choosing Photoshop 7.0 as it is some what reliable for the computer with basic configuration. It seems fast while loading and the editing Process.  Even you can try installing any version of Photoshop in your Ubuntu using the below explained procedure.  Lets get into the tutorial.

Photoshop in Ubuntu

Install Photoshop in Ubuntu

Step 1:

First you have to install ‘Wine Windows Program Loader‘ which runs the Windows programs in Ubuntu operating system. Download the Wine Windows Program Loader from Ubuntu Software Centre.

Wine Windows Program Loader

Step 2:

Navigate to the Adobe Installation files directory.

Step 3:

Open the Setup file with wine by right click on it. Installation begins as like on window.

Install Photoshop using Terminal:

Step 1:

Open the Terminal and navigate to the Installation file location using CD command .. (eg: I have the installation fie on my home directory in the folder called Adobe Photoshop 7.0)

Step 2:

Use the command CD Adobe\ Photoshop\ 7.0 then ENTER (as Ubuntu is case sensitive and we have to mention the space between the folder name using the “ \ ” (back slash with space).

Step 3:

Type wine setup.exe and setup starts as in Windows Layer.

photoshop setup ubuntu

Finish the installation as you regularly do. Now Photoshop is ready to use.

Running the Photoshop on Ubuntu:

You can start the Photoshop directly from the Dash Home.

photoshop on ubuntu

 ( The default location for photoshp.exe program is “.wine /drive_c/Program Files/Adobe/Photoshop 7.0“ in home directory)

Running the Photoshop from the Terminal:

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + T to launch the terminal. Run the command
  • wine .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Adobe/Photoshop\ 7.0/photoshop.exe
  • Photoshop get started as like in Windows

Adding Photoshop  to the Ubuntu Desktop as shortcut:

Open the terminal and type the following command

gnome-desktop-item-edit Desktop –create-new

The dialog box appears as below

ubuntu create desktop shortcut

                                                 NAME = choose the name for identification ( Photoshop 7.0)

                                               Command = wine .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Adobe/Photoshop\ 7.0/photoshop.exe

                                              Comment = own comment for the shortcut (WINE PROG)

                                              Icon Change Button = change the icon for the shortcut simply click and browse for your own icon.


ps7The shortcut will be placed in the Ubuntu desktop. Can easily run the Adobe Photoshop by simply double clicking on it. If you have any doubts kindly drop it in comment section.

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