Facebook iOS App Gets New Emotions Sticker And Chat Heads

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Facebook have huge user base from Mobile Phone. Most people use Facebook app in their tablets and phones. New Facebook App Version 6 for iOS comes with Chat Heads and Emotion Stickers. Now we are going to see about the Emotion Stickers and Chat Heads in the new Facebook App update.

Fb Chat Head n Emotions

Chat Heads for iOS

In this new update, Facebook chatting is so easy and you can chat from anywhere of your app. Yes, Facebook introduced Chat Heads, which allows users to read and respond their messages from whatever section of the Facebook App. So you can jump into the conversations while you checking out your Facebook News feed. You can drag your Chat Heads wherever you want inside the app. You can drag the Chat heads to the bottom of the app so that you can remove the chat head from the app.

Chat Head for iOS

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Emotion Stickers

Now Facebook included Emotion Stickers in Messages. So you can send funny emotional stickers to your friends and surprise them. Facebook provides lots of categories/types of Emotion Stickers which can be downloaded and installed inside your Facebook app as Add-on. Currently only few are available in Sticker store. All are mentioned as Free right now, it seems Facebook is going to provide paid stickers later.

Facebook Emotions Stickers

Now you can navigate to sticker section by touching “Smiley Icon” in your composing section and you can select the categories of your stickers below by choosing what you need. In the End, you can find “Sticker Store Cart icon” to download more stickers.

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