Vulnerable Java 7 – All you need to know

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Security Breach

Whenever we get into the word computer we always come across the word security. In simple ” it’s nothing but having the hold on your own personal data”. You always want your personal data to be with you as it is personal. By some time, your data may shared or stolen by others without your knowledge there comes the vulnerabilities (Security Breach). Loophole to hack your computer bypassing the security system of your computer.

To Disable Java and its plugin on all your computer is the latest and hot update from the Homeland Security which make the world turn the head towards that. Yes. Java had some security breaches while since the release of its version 7.   May this make the homeland security to step into the action of disabling Java and advise the all computer users to disable Java or even uninstall  to increase the immune of the computer users. This security warning includes Mac and also the Linux users.

Is Java 7 really having vulnerabilities?

The latest version of Java 7 promotes them self as “secure, fast  and reliable” but really the Version 7 has less security compare to its old version. Some of the security breaches were not fixed up to the mark with the latest version of Java which makes the Hackers to grab your personal data easily. Sometimes it allows the hackers to drop some code of Malware into your system through the java security manager.

The key points stated by Homeland Security is

Any system using Oracle Java 7  including

  • Java Platform Standard Edition 7
  • Java SE Development Kit 7
  • Java SE Runtime Environment 7
  • OpenJDK 7 and 7u
  • Iced Tea 7 2. x

Are having high risk of infection. All versions of Java 7 through update 10 are affected and Web browsers using the Java 7 plug-in are also at higher risk.

 How it will affect  your Computer?

A vulnerability in the Java Security Manager allows Java applet to execute arbitrary code, since Java is a programming language used to execute some set of codes for completing the task as all of you know. Its main advantage is it is machine independent. This makes it development at high rate but the same point now affecting the security as it is machine independent it will not know what the computer OS  is just drop the unwanted codes into it through some interactive games or web pages.

The security breaches are not clearly identified and fixed even in the updates provided by the Oracle recently. In the Security blog about Oracle they mentioned that two of the vulnerabilities were fixed by the update and nothing will not run without the user’s knowledge. The security experts feel that the malware will get the hold through some interactive online games or through the web pages as I mentioned above. At my point of view some time user may grant access to the unwanted codes without their knowledge as the malware are induced into the system with the help of web pages.

This affects the security of all the OS. Even the OS got its own High powered security this vulnerability in the Java make the OS infected. By chance you may loss you hold of your personal data. Because it creates a path for the hackers to enter into the system. This security lack of Java make the hackers to dip their hands in your system. The Java Deployment Toolkit plug-in and Java Web Start can also be used as attack vectors by the hackers.

Is turning off / Uninstalling Java 7 is Enough?

Please readers just you want to know both Java and Java plugin are different. By Turning off Java will not turn off the Java plugin. You have to turn off the Java plugin from the browser settings individually. It’s better to uninstall the JavaScript runtime from your computer. Both Java SDK and Java run-time are Different be clear on that. You have to disable both if you are at the point of security required.
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Vulnerability also in Java 7  Update 11

Oracle released the latest update patch for the Java 7 by last week to patch the vulnerability in Java 7. But the Researchers from Security Explorations, a Poland-based vulnerability research firm found two more new vulnerabilities which that bypass of  Java secure sandbox is still possible also after the Update provide by the oracle to avoid the zero-day exploit used by the Hackers to infect the Computers. You come across the short explanation about the security breaches caused by the JavaScript. If you don’t need the JavaScript for the essential function then there is no problem of uninstalling Java runtime from your computer or  Update the Java to the latest Version and disable the Java Plugin On browser. The Oracle increase the security of the Java to the highest level but even it will not satisfy the security experts. So disable the Java plugin in the browser as that is the way through which the infection spreads through. We have to wait until the Oracle release security patches for the Oracle Java 7.

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