4 Ideas to Improve Your Ecommerce Store Customer Service

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Satisfied customers obviously make your business successful and increase your profits. You should take customer service very seriously, especially if you are running an eCommerce business. A problem with eCommerce store ownership is that you cannot directly interact with your customer to understand his or her views on your store. So, you should find methods that would work perfectly with online customers. Usually, online customers would be technically savvy enough to use different social networking sites, emails, live chats etc. Therefore, you can try such methods in order to improve customer satisfaction.

Customer Service

Use social networking sites
You can use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc to get in touch with customers. Create a Facebook page for your eCommerce business and ask all your potential customers to join the page. There, you can inform them regarding your new products, offers etc. You can have discussions to understand their concerns and answer their queries. You should monitor your businesses Facebook page regularly and respond to customers concerns quickly. Twitter can also be used for these same purposes. The benefit of using social networking sites is that you can attract other customers as well that will see your updates on their friends’ pages.

Create an FAQ section
In addition to responding to customer queries through social networking sites, you can create a FAQ page on your eCommerce website. Collect commonly asked questions and their answers and include them in your FAQ page. You can proactively include specific instructions or tips that might help your customer in making a purchase or raising a query and so on. By providing solutions to customersí to-be-raised problems, you are building a reliable relationship with them and encouraging them to make a purchase. You should address the queries simply and effectively. You should update the FAQ page regularly as more common questions are raised.

Use Live Chat
Live chats make customers feel cared for and make them feel that the eCommerce business is trustworthy. As customers can directly get in touch with customer service representative, they become more comfortable in making a purchase. Just by introducing a live chat feature, you will see a considerable boost in your sales. Live chat makes customers feel that the help they need is just a click away. You can get free live chat software from the Internet to get in touch with your customers while they are on your site. You can also interact with customers who are visiting the website but are not sure if the want to buy anything as you will be able to track every visitor on the site through the software.

Provide order tracking
Online customers are always eager to know whether their product has reached the final location or when they will have it in their hands. If you can successfully inform your customers regarding the status of their order, then it is going to greatly improve customer satisfaction. Soon after they complete the order, you can send an email with the order number, ordered items, contact details etc. After you ship the product successfully, you can provide details about courier service, expected date of delivery etc.

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