Few Things to do after Installing Ubuntu 12.10

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Here I am going to discuss some useful tips for the new users who are interested in using an open source operating system, Ubuntu 12.10. As it is an open source, its available at free of cost. And its secure to have a Linux based Operating System. There are lots of Linux distributions are available. I prefer Ubuntu for the normal and new users. Ubuntu gives you a simple and easy use of feel.

quantal ubuntu 12.10

After Installing Ubuntu on your Computer, you have to do some simple things to make Ubuntu more efficient. The latest version of Ubuntu has lots of improvement within itself. After Installing you must know some basic thing to do with the settings.

1. Check for the Update.

  • Open the dash Home . Search for Software Updater. Click on that.
  • Software Updater displays the list of updates if available.

software updater for ubuntu

(Also you can use the command ‘ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade ‘ in the terminal)

2. Modify the Privacy Settings.

  • Go to System Settings -> Privacy. A privacy setting box opens.

turning off the online search

  • You can turn On or Off the Online search result displayed on the Dash.
  • Turn On or Off the Record Activity as per your wish.

3. Download the Audio and Video Codecs.

  • Go to Ubuntu Software Center search for the “Ubuntu Restricted Extras
  • Install Ubuntu Restricted Extras from the Software Center. This will take care of the audio and video codecs

Note : While installation, in some cases a message box appears and  it asks you to uninstall the already installed library file. Don’t do that and go with the Anyway Continue Option.


4. Install the Essential Application.

  • Install the Essential application frequently used by you.
  • Mostly try to install the application from the Ubuntu Software Center. Avoid unauthorized third party softwares.
List Of Some Frequently Used Applications to be added with Ubuntu.
  1. VLC Media Player
  2. Chromium Browser
  3. Adobe Flash Player
  4. Gimp Image Editor
  5. Pidgin Instant Messenger
  6. Synaptic Package Manager

5. Setup Ubuntu One Account

After Installing the required application, the next step is to setup an Ubuntu One Account. Ubuntu One is nothing but a cloud storage available free of cost up to 5GB.

You can get into the Ubuntu One application from the unity bar itself or else from the Dash bar.

Ubuntu One App on Unity

If you already have the Ubuntu One Accout, then directly get into the Sign In process. You have to create new one if you don’t have the Ubuntu One Account.

Do follow the steps guided by the Ubuntu One App. (It asks you to configure the Preference and the folders to sync with the Cloud.).

After Completing the Configuration settings for Ubutnu One App, its ready for the Sync.


Ubuntu One Sync with the folder you selected and it uploads the files automatically which you placed in the selected folder  towards the cloud storage.


6. Configure Online Accounts.

  • You can make Ubuntu sync with your Online Accounts. Then you can access your online accounts with a single click.
  • Navigate to System SettingsSelect Online Accounts. Online Account Settings Box Opens.
  • Click on Add Account and select the appropriate social network from the available list on the right panel, then authorize it.

Add Online Accounts to the Ubuntu

Empathy – Takes care of the Instant Messaging of the Synced Accounts

Gwibber – Takes Care of the Feed of the Social Networks.


7. Configure the Mail Account with Thunderbird.

Thunderbird is the default mail application available on the Ubuntu. You can add multiple mail account with that. So you can manage the multiple mail account simultaneously.

To add a multiple account on Thunderbird choose the option Edit ->Account Settings. Account Settings dialog box opens on that choose Add Mail Account by clicking the Account Action button available on the bottom left corner.

8. Change the Appearance and Behavior

  • You can modify the appearance of the Ubuntu.
  • Go to System Settings -> Appearance

Appearance Settings for Ubuntu

You can change the wallpaper, theme and also the size of the Launcher Icon. You can also auto hide the Unity Launcher by turning On the auto hide Launcher under the Behavior tab.

You can also add application to the startup on Ubuntu. 

If you are using the 3G Modem on Ubuntu for connecting the Internet, then you have to configure it manually.

See more about  How to  Configuring the 3G USB Modem On Ubuntu

If you have any doubts, just drop your queries in the comment section.

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