How to Export and Import Contacts Between the Google Accounts

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“Google” the most outstanding search engine also provides lots of services and apps for their users. You can get all those services with a single Google account. The most widely used services are Gmail & Gtalk, mail & chat services respectively. If you are having the Gmail account and you have used it for a long period, it might contain lots of contacts related to your business or friends. Some may still stick with the email id created long back only for the contacts it holds.

Google Contacts Export

Here is the way to switch to a new Google account without losing any contacts.

Exporting the Google contacts

  • List of available contacts will be visible.
  • Select Export option available under More menu.

Google Contacts more extended

  • Pop-up window opens and asks you for the options to save the contacts.

google contacts save option

  • Select the option and format of your contact file to export.

Google Csv    – Fromat Compatible with Google

Outlook Csv  – Format Compatible with Outlook and Commonly used exporting option

vCard – Support for Iphones & other phones

  • Click on the Export button to download the Contact File (“ *.CSV “)

Import the Contact to Google Account.

  • Login into the Google account where you want to import the contact.
  • Navigate to the Google Contact Page.
  • Select Import from the More drop down menu.
  • Locate the Contact file already exported.
(You can also import the contacts to the Outlook or Mobile phones too)
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