Exalerator improves security for cloud and web based applications

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Do you have a thought of starting a cloud service? Are you a Web application developer? Here is a software suite which makes your cloud and web based application seven more secured. Today many companies started developing cloud based applications after Apple has introduced the concept of iCloud. Many Smartphone companies start providing certain amount of cloud storage to store the user data. It acts as bridge of multiple devices of an user. The data which you sync with smartphone can be accessed using your computers or tablets. This gives a lot of convince for users to take backup and store data.


Today with the improved cloud storage services and web applications, the threats towards it also increased a lot. The information available in these storage are user data and very confidential one which must not be accessed by unauthorized people. Also your application must be simple and secured.

Exalerator is a service from Exar, which is a leading company in manufacturing UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) products. The products from Exar has high performance and good feedback among the users.  Exalerator will acts an add-on tool for the application and improves the security.

How Exalerator Works ?

Exalerator software suite comes with a complete security stuff. It includes OpenSSL Exalerator, Web Server Exalerator for Apache, Web Server Exalerator for Nginx, and Crypto API Exalerator which fits into any type of servers you use. It contains a series of security processors and high performance DX Software development kit is available in the software suite.

It has an excellent power management system which saves power and gives maximum efficiency.  Broad range of security and data compression silicon cards are available for the better security for the cloud storage devices.  Also the software suite has a best storage optimization technique. It is most essential for cloud based applications to manage your storage.

These are the features available in Exalerator to make your cloud storage and web applications more simple and secured for easy access. Combine your creativity and Exalerator to make a secured web application. Do share your experience with us in the comment box.

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