How to Make your Facebook Timeline as a Movie

All know that Facebook is rolling out Timeline Feature to all of the users of Facebook, Timeline is the one of the best amazing feature from Facebook. You can add your life events in your Facebook timeline. Today we are going to see How to make a movie of your Facebook timeline. Lets see how to create a movie, here is the simple and clean tutorial for you.

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timeline movie maker

Step 1:

All you need a latest browser and Visit on your computer.

Step 2:

Now you can see “Make a Movie” Button in the Home page of that website. Click that button

Make a movie button

Step 3:

Now Log in to your Facebook and Grant access to the app to access your Timeline. Click “Allow“.

Access allow

Step 4:

Now Movie Maker will start creating your movie, Wait for Few minutes to create your Timeline Movie.

Generating Movie

After Movie is Generated, it will start play. After watching your Timeline Movie, You can Edit the photos, Videos and Music and recreate your Movie. Create and Share your Movie to your friends.

If you have Doubts, check the video below. It include my Timeline Movie also.

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