Killer Posts Need Killer Titles

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Killer posts are the need of the hour, for bloggers, writers or article marketers. But, need killer titles also. No one is going to read your very interesting and faithful content if you just predict to write a boring title for that purpose. While i suggest you the 10 ways for doing that, you can add your own in the end for letting us know. So, let’s start with the main thing.

 Killer Titles

  • Humanized : Everybody wants their site to rank high in the search rankings and so they try to write post titles for search engines. I have no jealousy with your post titles but think again! Are those search bots the only thing that you want to read your content. I don’t think so, i think that every blog thinks of readership and every blog needs readers. So, why don’t you get one step away and write for humans. A more humanized approach can surely increase your readership.


  • Bold gets read : There would be a lot of blogs/sites ranking good for the same keyword. But, the reader will read only that one which appeals the most. We would suggest that you try to write the article with better appeal and the same keyword. This way, your post gets read even being on the 2nd page of a search keyword.


  • Dynamic words are most liked : There would be boringness in your titles if you think not to use heavy and amazing words (literally). You can’t pretend to be a bad writer just because your writing doesn’t get read. Use words like amazing, awesome, sure-fire, best, heart-thumping, eye-jerking, must see, etc. These are the best to catch the eye of the reader.


  • Be original : Write post titles that doesn’t looks like you have copied the article from somewhere. Many bloggers make these mistakes while copywriting. Your post title should look new and unique.


  • Ask something : You may see many of the titles of articles in news journals as “What would you do if your site got hacked. “. This is one of the very useful way for creating good titles that interest your reader. They would not think that the post is just a waste. This might help you.


  • Use keywords : This one is not listed as the first step only because i thought that every blogger already knows it. And practically uses it every single day. Using keywords in your titles is one great part of SEO and ranks your post much far that it had been. So, generate traffic and authority through these titles.


  • Be personal : While your readers read your posts and titles, i may suggest them to feel like you are talking to them. This makes the reader more comfortable and ready to share your article to anybody else. Personalized post titles are one great key towards pushing more and more readers into your site. Isn’t it.


  • Be short : Your post titles need to be that much short that it can make your readers don’t feel like a novel reader. I might suggest you to check if the post title is not crossing the first line and is completely adjusted in your template. What i do for this is just see a preview of the post before publishing to see if its not crossing the first line.

So, these are the best one-end tips for writing good post titles. I think that now you might be thinking of some more tricks, please let us know in the comment box.


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