You can still recover files, even if you have emptied trash

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Have you just deleted an important file, and now realized you shouldn’t have done so? Well, if you have mistakenlyremoved an important file, don’t be alarmed! You can still get it back, only if you have not overwrittennew files. Whenever you delete any file, your operating system frees the space on your hard disk, but, leaves the file somewhere inside your hard disk. Your computer is now ready to create new data on top of it, which will make the process of recovery almost impossible.

Recover Files

It means that if you have deleted a file accidentally, you should stop using the computer right away. Since, whenever you save a new file, your computer writes new data on top of your deleted files, which makes the probabilities of recovering the files fade out. Here are some free data recovery tools for Mac systems, which will help you to recover lost data from hard disk, USB drives, or external hard disks:

Disk Digger

Disk Digger is a patent data recovery tool forMac OS X. Disk Digger will help you find and restore deleted files from almost all types of storage devices (i.e. hard drive, USB, SD card, CD, memory stick etc.). It also supports different types of data files, such as docs, videos, pictures, music and similar kind of other formats. Disk Digger is capable enough to scan deep inside the hard drives, including formatted and damaged hard drives. It can also work on hard drives with bad sectors and other mutilations.

File Digger

Disk Digger is a brilliantdata recovery tool that happens to be free. It allows you to search for deleted files with a variety of search parameters. You can search for deleted files in the directory, or by searching through each part of the hard drive for the lost files traces. You don’t have to install it directly on your Mac; you can even save it in an external device, or burn it on a CD. Interface of Disk Digger is nice-looking, which is intuitive both for beginners and expert users. The file scan is quick, but the deep hard drive scan may take a lot of minutes. The patience is worth it, because you never know what you might dig out from your hard disk!

Remo Recover (Mac)

Remo Recover is a very handy data recovery tool for Mac OS X users. It offers smooth and powerful data recovery tools with a variety of efficient features, which helps you to restore your lost data. Remo Recover’s graphical interface is sleek and intuitive, which makes it easy for both beginners and expert users. Remo Recover is fast and efficient in finding and recovering your lost files deep within the hard disk.

mac recover

Remove Recover is a read-only application, and it doesn’t affect your hard drive during the scan. It also gives you the liberty to restore your files into any other storage devices, such as external hard drives. Remo Recover is efficient and reliable. You can use it to recover your lost files, in case of accidental deletion of important files.

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