How to Set up VPN Connections in Windows

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This article is going to discuss about establishing successfully a connection via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) using your Windows XP platform. This will help Windows XP clients to connect to a VPN remote access server using PPTP and LT2P network protocols. This is very easy to establish such network protocols and it takes not even five minutes to set up the entire connection, if everything works out well for you.


Let us see how to establish a VPN connection in a Windows XP platform:

Step 1: Open Windows Control Panel.

Step 2: Choose Network Connections in the Control Panel task menus and this will open up a dialog box showing the list of dial-up and LAN connections.

Step 3: On this dialog box, you will be able to see an option to choose, “Create a new connection”, which appears on the left hand side of the dialog box. On choosing this option, the Windows XP New Connection Wizard will commensurate.

Step 4: Click next to begin the wizard and you will find the option “Connect to the network at my work place” from the list and click again next.

Step 5: On the Network Connection page that appears consecutively, choose the option “Virtual Private Network” and then choose next again.

Step 6: Enter a new name for this connection or the standard name that is being used by your office in the “Company Name” and click next. The name chosen need not match the name of an actual business.

Step 7: Choose the “Public Network” option on the screen and click next. At this junction, you are provided with two choices, a default option of choosing “automatically dial this initial connection, which can be used if the VPN connection will be initiated when the computer is not connected to the internet, or else choose “Do not dial the initial connection” option if you did not want this to happen. If you choose this option, then you need to be connected over to a public network to establish this new VPN connection.

Step 8: Following this you will be prompted to enter the name or the IP address of the VPN remote access server to connect to, and click next. This information could be had from the network administrator managing the VPN connections.

Step 9: This is to be followed by choosing the option to “Connection Availability” screen and click Next. The default option of “MY Use Only” will help in ensuring that the Windows will make this connection available to the connected user only. If you do not choose this option, then “anyone” should be able to use this. Be careful with this as I got messed up a time when I was setting up a connection to work on my gotomeeting promo code and gotowebinar promo code blog.

Step 10: Click “FINISH” to complete the setup and you will be having a new VPN connection saved onto your computer.

In the end all you need to set a VPN connection on Windows XP, is Windows XP and the VPN’s name or IP address.


  • Use a name that you will later remember well for using this connection.
  • Take special care that you type in the correct VPN name or IP addresses, as the wizard cannot automatically validate the address.

Have you learnt now how to establish a VPN connection over Windows XP platform?

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