How to stop email notifications from Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social network till now. Most of the people have Facebook account, and there is a email notification in our Facebook to receive emails to our mail id, if we get any notifications in our Facebook account.but it really annoying to everyone. Today i am going to show how to stop the email notifications from Facebook.

Facebook email

Step 1:

All you need to Login to your Facebook. First go to ACCOUNT and Click Account Settings

Facebook Account Settings


Step 2:

Now Click NOTIFICATIONS tab in the Account Settings.

Facebook Notifications

Step 3:

Now you can see the Notification settings like Facebook Notification, Photos notification, Group notifications and more. Click EDIT in every option which you want to stop the email notification.

Email Notifications

Step 4:

After Clicking EDIT, you can see the Check box of each options. Uncheck the Check box which notification you don’t want to come to your email inbox. Even you can enable SMS notifications by checking the Mobile Checkbox and Click Save Changes.

Uncheck Mail notification Do the same to Photos, Groups, Pages and all then Save Changes. Now Email notifications will not come to your email anymore.

Any doubts, Have a look at this video tutorial

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If you like this post, Share it to your friends. Dont forget to Subscribe our Feeds, Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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