How to integrate Google +1 button in your Blog or website

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How to integrate Google plusone button?

Google has finally launched the much anticipated +1 button to their websites and blogs, which has now being spoken of very well by their users. If you are not sure what is it or looking to find more information about it then this piece of information will definitely help you.


Here we go,

What is the role and use of this plus one button?

This is like sharing pages to your friends and family. So far you will be able to do so only if you happened to come across pages that have the options to share the page to via your Facebook and other social networking sites or you may have to add the link to the status update for sharing the website that you find interesting. But this is not going to be tougher anymore with the availability of the plus one button as you can now recommend the page you like to your friends and contacts using this plus one button.

How this works is very simple, you need to click on the plus one button that is located to the right of your search results for all the pages that you like. When you friends do a similar search then they will be finding your recommendations in their search results. This is very useful in helping you getting better search engine rankings.

How to add +1 Google Button To your webpage?

There is a default code that you need to add from your official +1 webmaster page The script for this code is as follows:

<script type=“text/javascript” src=></script><g:plusone></g:plusone>

If this code is going to look confusing for you, there is no need to bother much about this, as the code works very well and you could blindly add this code.

There are also plugins available like Google Plus On button and wordpress google plus on button which will make your job more easier.

If you are planning to test how this button works, on Google search results page, sign up for the Google experimental search by clicking. After signing up for this access, click on the button “Join this experiment”, and you find how this wonderful tool works remarkably well. Do your first search to see which of your friends recommendations and you will try getting social.

The inclusion and introduction of this Google plus one button is one of the best ways and is a step forward by Google to socialise.
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