Apple OS X Lion is coming on July for $29

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The World’s most advanced desktop Operating System advances even further. almost all are expected for this Operating system and now its finally its so near for the release. and it is just $29 you can get it from Mac App store. There are 54 Million of Mac users worldwide, and 10 year since OS X launched and got many changes in these years.  OS X Lion comes with more than over 250 new features, here we can see few important features now.

Multi-Touch Gestures:

Multi-Touch gestures gives you the way to interact with Mac and you can do more intuitive and direct. In OS X Lion comes with more richer Multi-Touch experience  which including  rubber-band scrolling, page and image zoom, and full-screen swiping.

Full-Screen Apps:

No more windows, no more borders. We can use the applications in full screen mode like viewing the movie in full screen mode. OS X Lion built-in tools to run the applications in full screen. Even we can also multiple desktops and all applications are accessed by Mission Control Function. Access Mission Control in Three-finger swipe gesture and it will bring all windows in front to select which one.

Air Drop:

Air Drop is the new feature allows user to transfer files to others through wireless. No need of Wi-Fi router or Network needed. Just Turn of the Wi-Fi of both Mac and Just click the Air Drop icon in Finder sidebar and it will automatically finds the near user and we can just drag and drop the files to the Mac icon. Those files will be encrypted and sent to other users Download folder.


OVER 250 New features

Get more details about these new features from Apple Website. Click and See all the features


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