Windows 8 comes with own PDF reader

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Microsoft Windows 8There are two news in today’s revelation. First, Microsoft will going to include its own PDF reader named Modern Reader in its next Operating system Windows 8. And second, this is the first app utilizes the new AppX application package type.

Modern Reader comes with all features you are expecting. It displays PDFs and having functions for zooming in and out, page scrubber on the side like Abode reader for document navigation, this feature comes with Back button which appears in top left corner, so you can return to previous document where you moved from. Modern Reader also supports side-by-side page views

Have a look:

Page slider can be found on the side


Changing pages on the slider will display a back button in the top-left corner to revert back to previous position

Side-by-side view

Windows does not include its own PDF reader in previous versions. When Microsoft was developing Office 2007, it promised to give feature of exporting to PDF but Adobe made legal objections and Office 2007 came out without PDF export feature. However, Microsoft releases PDF exporting feature in Service pack 2 of Office 2007. Lets see till Windows 8 release.

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