13 Tips To Generate Traffic To You Blog/Site

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This is the first post by Dhruv Patel on Tech2Hell. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

Here some tips to get more visitors and traffic to your blog.

Start From Here:

1. With Technorati blog are monitored for connects. Leave a comment Comment on the blog or e-mail the blogger, who posts to you. This is more likely to visit a blog.

Add e-mail interface to your blog as FeedBlitz.com. This allows readers to register and automatically receive their contributions as an e-mail. Some People feel more comfortable with e-mail and more Subscribe by e-mail regularly read your blog otherwise.

3. “Only 12.9% of the people understand and use, online RSS with that electronic delivery of blog significant changes when you lose 80-90% Your goal. ” FeedBlitz.com Hollow-Fill

4. Get a quick and easy to remember the URL of your blog. If you already has a long URL to move instead of purchasing a domain name (cheap) and Send it to your blog. For example, I talked about TheTedRap.com www.demop.com / thetedrap.

5. Place “Add” button so that visitors to add their blog to the popular Feed reader like MyYahoo!, Bloglines, My MSN and others Sidebar. Subscribe to facilitate in your blog, it is likely that People by more visitors to regular readers.

6. Invite experts invited bloggers on his blog post. It is possible to load for a position on a particular topic or publish freely in their area Period.

7. Consider the possibility of treating the exchange of traffic data such as Blog Explosion Blog, blog soldiers, advance and blog. Normally, we send you a visitor both links You visit and above all, you can “buy” general visitors a penny or less each. The traffic is relatively low quality, but some visitors may the players in the long run.

8. Tell Pingoat.com to update the blog. In the words of Pingoat Keep informed, “a range of services, the track of weblogs and publish them. When you ping, the services know that your blog has been updated and Therefore, scans and indexes your site, blog publish content so that Increase the popularity of his blog. ”

9. Includes most popular blogs and least known “when linking to blogrolls and messages and when leaving comments. little-known Blogger likely to notice and reciprocity. This increases the value of his readers who probably already know about the most popular blogs.

10. We run contests on your blog and giving away prizes to the winners. Make sure Competitions are simple for people to participate more. This can The buzz around your blog and generate traffic.

11. Ask other bloggers for interviews and brief e-mail it to your blog. They are flattered and can contain links. Authors of the books are particular the prospects for good interview.

12. Rewrite some of his blog articles and other publications Websites. Article directories like ezinearticles.com, articlebiz.com goarticles.com and are good candidates. Add a resource ” Box “on each article a few sentences at the end with a brief biography and Contact information including a link to your blog.

13. Avoid techniques for generating traffic “too good to be true.” The most versatile short tricks to fool search engines, and you can find a blog blacklisted and no longer receives all traffic from search engines.

Recognize that are large in spite of increased traffic, traffic is concentrated – the Law readers – is important. There are many success Blog, 25 to 50 readers per week or less.

I Hope You Like My Article 🙂

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If you like this post, Share it to your friends. Dont forget to Subscribe our Feeds, Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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