Prank your friends online – April Fools day Special

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Tomorrow (April 1st) all we know is April Fools day, we always try to fool our friends and relatives. even we are cautious by not to  get fooled on April fools day. Now im going to share how to fool your friends through online prank. Yes! it is quit awesome to fool your friends through the website named “Will This Be The Year

How it works:

This Website is created by EFES beer company to prank our friends, This site is called as Future machine which predicts our future. You have to generate the link and give the link to your friends and say that “Check out! This machine predicts your future, Just ask questions to the machine”. Your friend will follow the link and get the Future machine and starts asking questions to machine. But all questions comes to you, so you can reply to those questions like future machine, Your friends thinks machine is answering the questions, but you do those tricks behind the website. So your friend will get shocked by answers of yours. Its sounds funny? Lets fool your friend.

Just you need to have facebook account to use this website.  Its simple, Ill guide you here. Open Will This Be The Year Website and Check the box ‘I am Above 24’ and accept terms and conditions Click ‘start’. It shows a video of tutorial how to prank. You can know how to use that website from that video. Now Login with Facebook account.

Just only 3 simple steps to setup your prank.

Step 1: Choose Victim

First you have to type your friend name who is currently online, it wont show to your friend it is just for your reference,


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Type the name of your friend and Click Ok to proceed to next step.

Step 2 : Send Link

The link will be generated and shown in next page. Copy that link

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Step 3: Get Ready

Click Done and Give the link to your friend, with some attractive text like “This website predicts your future, check out”. So your friend will click the link. and Wait for him to ask question.

You will Look like this Interface:


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Start typing the answer for the question what your friend asks. Be fast only 4 minutes allowed to prank. Give surprise answer to your friend.

Your friend will see the Future Machine is Answering the Question, page shown like below picture.

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Answer the questions which your friend asks. Dont over act, your friend may find you are fooling. after the 4 minutes your friend will know it is the huge prank and you are behind the prank.

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Try out this to your friends and Start Fooling them, Even you may find many secrets from them through this prank. Dont forget to share your experience over here. Happy April fools day. 🙂

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If you like this post, Share it to your friends. Dont forget to Subscribe our Feeds, Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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